Graduate Showcase Shortlist 2023

Jul 31st 2023

The VAS team has been visiting degree shows across the country looking for the next graduates for our Graduate Showcase Award. It's not been an easy task given the quality, range and vision in the work we've seen so far, but we have now selected a shortlist of graduates for this year's award. 

The 2023 VAS Graduate Shortlist is: 


Anna Brodie 

Tom Fairlamb 

Annie Flora Watson Donaldson 

Claire Fallon 

Charlene Scott 

Frankie Egan

Ezra Berrnico 

Danele Evans 

Alice Biolo

Cat Tams 

Martha Williams 

Jemimah Vaughan 

Beth Edgar 

Fionn Skinner 

Brodie Wilson 

Shannon Park

Moira Downie 

Kirsty Duguid 

Beccy Mooney 

Molly Shearer 


A huge congratulations to these talented artists. We can't wait to share our Graduate Showcase Award finalists in due course! We will now select a handful of finalists from this list and they will be shown at the VAS Annual Centenary Exhibition at The Royal Scottish Academy in early 2024. 


Pictured: Kirsty Duiguid / image Toni Harrower