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Mary May

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Excited by colour, pattern and line and the relationships between them, I like to experiment with putting together colours and elements which should not work in theory . I enjoy creating harmony from conflicting elements. For me, it is also a way of linking up the mismatched furniture of my own life and interests into some order.
Although my paintings are very abstact, they are full of meanings which are personal to me. Often when I have an idea it will be triggered by certain colour combinations that I have just seen or remembered. Sometimes they are linked to memories going back to childhood , for example, a party frock I used to have, or an old sweetie wrapper. Or they could be a nod to a garden I passed yesterday with different shades of conifers sitting on a moss lawn.
Lately I have been working on a series of 'Bridge' paintings which evolved from the elliptical shapes I had been using in previous works. I liked the idea of bridge as metaphor so I have been using this to explore past and present relationships with people and my environment.
My paintings make me happy. I am not such a harsh judge of my work as I used to be. I accept that they are simply an expression of my love of colour and pattern and my perspective on life.
Website: https://marymayart.weebly.com/

I graduated BA Hons Fine Art from Leeds Polytechnic and PG Diploma Industrial Design at Scottish College of Textiles.
This year I had a solo show in Jnuary 2022 at Scottish Arts Club and will have another solo show at the Whitespace Gallery in July 2022.


Scottish Arts Club Award (RSA Exhibition 2020)
Gatehouse Gallery Award for Painting (Scottish Artist & Artist Craftsmen Exhibition 1993)

Exhibitions (since 2020)

VAS Annual Exhibition 2022 (Upcoming)
'Polka Dots and Smoke Dreams' Scottish Arts Club (Solo Exhibition) January 2022
Hulabhaig (Uig Open Exhibition), January 2022
Society of Scottish Artists (30 x 30) December 2021
The Torrance Gallery Festival Exhibition, August 2021
The Society of Aberdeen Artists Annual Exibition,12th June – 29th August 2021
Scottish Arts Club Spring Exhibition, May 2021
The Society of Scottish Artists 'Re:Connect' May 2021
The Royal Scottish Academy Annual Exhibition, 2021
The Torrrance Gallery Spring Exhibition 2021
The Society of Scottish Artists 2020
Scottish Arts Club Winter Exhibition 2020
VAS Winter Exhibition (Flow) 2020
The Royal Scottish Academy Annual Exhibition, 2020
The Society of Aberdeen Artists Annual Exibition, 2020