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Jana Emburey

Jana Emburey
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Jana’s work mainly explores the concept of time perception, memory, inter-connectivity and human condition. Her work is informed by the close relationship of everything in nature, reflected and replicated in a multitude of ways.

Although she likes to explore various media, intricate, cell-like ink drawings on Japanese paper, sometimes combined with painting is what she has been mostly concentrating on for the past few years, creating a body of work under the name of Sweet Oblivion. These delicate and labour intensive drawings represent human as well as any other cells/particles found in nature and show the connection of everything around and within us.
BA Hons Visual Art, (1st Class Honours) 2012
BA Art and Design, 2011

​Selected Exhibitions

Upcoming exhibition:
3 - 26 May 2019, Art Rooms, RareFaction with Ione & Mann, Jana Emburey, Justine Formentelly & Jonathan Kelly
11 Eccleston Street, Belgravia, London, SW1W 9LX

Current exhibition:
19 April - 2 June 2019, Focus on Print, The Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum, Printmaking Exhibition

Past exhibitions:
16th - 20th January 2019, London Art Fair, represented by Cube Gallery
1st December - 12th January 2019, Unrestricted, group exhibition at &Gallery, Edinburgh
23rd December - 17th January 2019, 121st SSA Annual Exhibition, Edinburgh
2018 - Sweet Oblivion, Solo exhibition at &Gallery, Edinburgh
2018 - Twenty Fifth Anniversary - Twenty Five Artists, Brown's Gallery, Tain
2018 - RSA Open Exhibition, Edinburgh
2017 - Art Rooms Four, Ione & Mann, London
2017 - Connection, &Gallery, Edinburgh
2017 - RSA Summer Open Exhibition, RSA, Edinburgh
2017 - Art Rooms, Summer Selection, Ione & Mann, London
2017 - Affordable Art Fairs with the Cube Gallery (Brussels, London, New York)
​2017 - Works on Paper, Cube Gallery, London
2017 - Ablaze, Cube Gallery, London
​2016 - 2017, Half-Light, monochromatic touring exhibition
2016 - FLY 2016, Visual Arts Scotland, RSA, Edinburgh
2016 - 119th SSA Annual Open Exhibition, RSA, Edinburgh
2016 - RSA Open Exhibition, Edinburgh
2016 - Art Rooms, Ione and Mann, London
2016 - Converge, Visual Arts Scotland, RSA, Edinburgh
2016 - The 118th SSA Annual Open Exhibition, RSA, Edinburgh
2015 - House for the Art Lover, Glasgow
2015 - Empire, curated by Gayle Nelson PSSA and Alan Bond SSA, Montrose
2015 - The Cut of Your Jib, Rosalux Gallery, Minneapolis
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