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Elizabeth Stewart

Elizabeth Stewart
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Old family photographs are the starting point for my work. Reimagined, with the intention of setting my subjects free from a frozen moment in time and space, I place them into a new orbit. Transcending the personal and sidestepping nostalgia, I create a new narrative and mess with time.

Initially, along with photographs, I use painting, drawing and collage which is manufactured into large scale, digitally woven fabric. This is then cut and reassembled using hand stitched appliqué. I find this use of new technology, combined with traditional techniques, compelling within a contemporary art context.
I moved to the UK from the USA in 1983. I’m an art graduate of The Ohio State University where my practice was performance and video based. This was followed by post graduate study in Arts Management at the University of Akron with an interest in alternative artist spaces. By way of a USA/UK educational work exchange programme, I ended up in Cambridge where I managed a gallery, before settling in Scotland in 1987.

I am represented by Arusha Gallery, Edinburgh. www.arushagallery.com



Recent Exhibitions

ALIGHT, Visual Arts Scotland, RSA, Edinburgh

London Art Fair with Arusha Gallery

Manchester Art Fair with Arusha Gallery

L.A. Summer, Arusha Gallery, Edinburgh

OPEN - SSA & VAS Together 2018 RSA, Edinburgh

DISCOURSE 2017 University of Edinburgh, Thomson's Land

FLY VAS Annual Exhibition 2016 RSA, Edinburgh

CONVERGE VAS Annual Exhibition 2016, RSA, Edinburgh

VAS:T 2015 Visual Arts Scotland Annual Exhibition, Edinburgh

Black Cube Collective Annual Show 2015. Whitespace Gallery, Edinburgh

PRINT 3 Black Cube Collective Print exhibition, Whitespace Gallery, Edinburgh

Black Cube Collective Annual Show 2014, St. Margaret's House, Edinburgh

Black Cube Collective Annual Show 2013, Whitespace Gallery, Edinburgh

Art And Design Studies Annual Exhibitions, Edinburgh College of Art, 2011 - 2016


BA in Art Education, Ohio State University, 1982

Certificate of Higher Education, Art and Design Studies, University of Edinburgh, 2015