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Sandra Murray

Sandra Murray
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I am a studio jeweller from Edinburgh, based in East Lothian and I make art jewellery from precious metals, which is mostly one of a kind. At present I am experimenting with new techniques to create organic looking pieces. The tranquillity of nature and the solitude I find in it are precious to me. My work is the result of the things I discover there, transformed by my imagination into something unique. An idea can grow organically from even just one beautiful flower or branch. The idea of a branch with leaves beginning to appear... What I am most aware of is its transiency. Spring is rebirth, summer is nature in full bloom, autumn is the beauty of orange-brown leaves as they fall in nature’s dance and scatter on the ground. Finally, when winter comes, all is laid stark and bare. Then the endless cycle of rebirth begins once more with spring. Yes, I am influenced by the four seasons and the unbroken circle of life.
CONTACT: sandramurray.jewellery@hotmail.co.uk
WEBSITE: www.sandramurrayjewellery.com
2018 Individual tuition in Anticlastic Raising with Prof. Diaz, El Taller de Joyeria, Barcelona.
2012 Chasing & Repoussé with Fabrizio Acquafresca, Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School, Florence.
2006 Individual tuition in Metal weaving with Giovanni Corvaja, Umbria.
2006 Short course in silversmithing, ECA.
2005 Individual tuition in Etruscan style granulation with Giovanni Corvaja, Umbria.
2004 Granulation, Linda Lewin at ECA.
1994-97 Jewellery making with Bill Wilson, Edinburgh and Pentland Lapidary Society.
Art Jewelry Today 3. Schiffer, 2011.
Art Jewelry Today: Europe. Schiffer, 2014.
2016 The Facility (Kalopsia). Ocean Terminal, Edinburgh.
2015 The Contemporary Jewelry Exchange.
2014 Jam Eaton Gallery, Eton.
2014 Alliages, Lille. Espace Permanent 2014.
2014 Impressions, Alliages, Lille.
2013-14 Winter Exhibition. Lemon Street Gallery, Truro.
2013-14 Papallona/Mariposa/Butterfly. Museo de Ciencias Naturales, Barcelona. Philip Sajet.
2013 Espaijoia, Barcelona.
2013 Iberjoya, Madrid.
2012 Contemp.Jew. Yearbook, Joyeria Ginés, Zaragoza.
2012 Espaijoia, Barcelona.
2012 Iberjoya, Madrid.
2012-13 Rosie McKenzie, Edinburgh.
2011 Cancer Research, Edinburgh.
2011 Unite, Craftscotland. , University of Strathclyde.
2011 VAS, Annual Open Exhibition. RSA, Edinburgh.
2011 Designer Crafts at the Mall Galleries, London.
2010 Cancer Research,
Sterling silver & 18ct gold cuff
  • Sandra Murray
  • Sterling silver & 18ct gold cuff
  • Jewellery
Leaf Series Ring
  • Sandra Murray
  • Leaf Series Ring
  • Jewellery
Floral Cuff
  • Sandra Murray
  • Floral Cuff
  • Jewellery
Leaf series ring
  • Sandra Murray
  • Leaf series ring
  • Jewellery
Leaf series ring
  • Sandra Murray
  • Leaf series ring
  • Jewellery
  • Sandra Murray
  • Cuff
  • Jewellery
Sterling silver & 18ct gold ring
  • Sandra Murray
  • Sterling silver & 18ct gold ring
  • Jewellery
Sterling silver & 18ct gold earrings
  • Sandra Murray
  • Sterling silver & 18ct gold earrings