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Morag Thomson Merriman

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Scottish visual artist.
In 9th year of daily mark-making using mixed media.
MA ((Hons) Fine Art, Edinburgh.
See more of my work on Instagram: @moragthomsonmerriman_artist.

For almost 9 years now, I have been keeping daily visual diaries and sketchbooks which I post on Facebook and Instagram.

My 2020 sketchbook project was my lockdown sketchbook in which I focused only on my memories of landscape, past and present.

In my figurative work I play with line to express state of mind (some of my drawings have been described as melancholy). I also use colour to symbolise emotions and fragility.

I take a similar approach to my commissions – I look for the emotional and narrative connections and layer these through my work as it evolves to the finished stage.
Currently being updated