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Mooie Scott

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Working within and through the landscape, I like to place myself in the consuming elements of the out door world. The immediacy
of these environments impels me to use raw, found materials. These could be anything from earth, peat, tar, rubbish and vegetation. The activity of drawing allows me to record my submersion to a place. I hope to surrender to the conditions and feel a way through.
Chelsea School of Art, London

2018 Haliiwell Museum [Live Borders] Selkirk
2017 Zembla [postcards for charity] Hawick
2016 MacArts (Creative Coathanger) Galashiels
2016 Tweedale Museum, Peebles
2015 Hawick Museum, Wilton Lodge Park , Hawick
2014 Hawick Museum
2014 RSA Edinburgh
2014 - 2008 Mellerstain Gallery - Gordon
2012 Forestbook Selkirk
2010 RSA Edinburgh
2008 Aspect Glasgow
2007 Mellerstain Art Gallery - Gordon
2007 SSA Edinburgh
2006 Mellerstain Art Gallery – Gordon
2006 Cat Flat Gallery – Lauder
2005 Art For Care Auction – Edinburgh
Fog House
  • Mooie Scott
  • Fog House
  • Painting
Bottle Bridge
  • Mooie Scott
  • Bottle Bridge
  • Painting
The Putts
  • Mooie Scott
  • The Putts
  • Painting
  • Mooie Scott
  • Bridge
  • Mooie Scott
  • Ford
  • Painting
Umber River
  • Mooie Scott
  • Umber River
  • Paper