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Helen Glassford

Helen Glassford
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My art begins and ends with the Scottish landscape and a desire to translate it and communicate it through my practice. My work is a response to observation and direct experience that is later invoked in the studio. Here the paint as substance and painting as an activity transpose the elemental experiences to the aesthetic of painterly abstraction. Sometimes this is vigorous and complex, sometimes minimal and spare, but always powerful and arresting. I celebrate and orchestrate the predominating northern qualities – serenity, melancholy, remoteness, absence and belonging.
I have enjoyed much success, exhibiting widely and winning a range of awards including the Philipson Medal for Painting at the Royals Scottish Academy, the Highland Spring Purchase Prize, the Cuthbert New Young Artist Award and the Armour Award at the Royal Glasgow Institute, and was a runner up in the Jolomo/Lloyds TSB Landscape Painting Awards.

I have sustained myself as a practising artist since graduating in 1998 and continue to exhibit widely. In 2013 I co-founded the Tatha Gallery and since have been directing and curating each exhibition. I nurtured this project from derelict building to elegant gallery and very much feel this is part of my creative practice.