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Kit Martin

Kit Martin
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Biophilia, a term coined by the biologist E. O. Wilson, meaning an innate and genetically determined affinity of human beings with the natural world, resonates with me. With a background in biology and photography, an innate fascination with and connection to the natural world and a love of old things, I feel at home in Museums. I delight in having such close contact with the creatures, every one of which has a story to tell. They sit silently in the stores. I use low-tech lighting. Some are lit with desk lights, others with fibre-optic lights once used to light microscope slides, or strips of LED lights. I enjoy this approach to photography – using what is at hand, experimenting and keeping things simple.

I sometimes make photographs with objects and cyanotype chemicals, using the sun to make the exposure. The unpredictability of this interests me and I enjoy showing others the process. I am currently working with pollinators and some of the plants they visit. The variety of these indispensable creatures is incredible and I find spending time with them very relaxing. They help put things into proportion.
Sept 2018, Lightwave, Scottish Fisheries Museum, Anstruther
Mar-June 2018, Bones, Perth Museum and Gallery
June 2017, McNaughtons Bookshop & Gallery, Edinburgh
October 2016, East Neuk Open Studios, St Monans
Aug 2016, Taste Coffee Shop, St Andrews Photography Festival
March-May 2016, Skyward; A study in flight; Gateway Galleries, St Andrews
Sept 2015, St Monans Art Festival, St Monans

September 2017, Brechin Town House Museum, with Hetty Haxworth

Aug-Sept 2018, Current, VAS, Tatha Gallery, Newport-on-Tay
August 2018, Printroom Dundee, Birnam Arts, Dunkeld & Birnam
July-Aug 2018, Because We Can, Shutterhub at Festival Pil'Ours, France
May-June 2018, Red Light, Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto
June 2018, NATURAL Studies of Wonder, Specto Art Space, Virginia, USA
May 2018, Portraiture, Specto Art Space, Virginia, USA
Jan-Feb 2018, Photovoice Members Exhibition, Photofusion, London.
Jan-Feb 2018, Analogue Dreams, Seventeen, Aberdeen
August 2017, Printroom Dundee, Edinburgh Drawing School
June-July 2017, Shutterhub OPEN; Retina Festival, Edinburgh
Feb 2017, Printroom Dundee, Frames Gallery, Perth
Dec 2016, Dundee Print Studio winter exhibition, Dundee
June-July 2016, Shutterhub OPEN; Nori, Cambridge
June 2016, Print Festival Scotland, Dundee Contemporary Arts
May 2015, Avery & Co, Dundee (Blue Sky Photo Club)
Aug 2013, Dundee Print Studio summer exhibition, Dundee
July 2013, Perth Road, Dundee (Blue Sky Photo Club)
May 2013, Roseangle, Dundee (Blue Sky Photo Club)
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