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Kit Martin

Kit Martin
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Biophilia, a term coined by the biologist E. O. Wilson, meaning an innate and genetically determined affinity of human beings with the natural world, resonates with me. With a background in biology and photography, an innate fascination with and connection to the natural world and a love of old things, I feel at home in Museums. I delight in having such close contact with the creatures, every one of which has a story to tell. They sit silently in the stores. I use low-tech lighting. Some are lit with desk lights, others with fibre-optic lights once used to light microscope slides, or strips of LED lights. I enjoy this approach to photography – using what is at hand, experimenting and keeping things simple.

I sometimes make photographs with objects and cyanotype chemicals, using the sun to make the exposure. The unpredictability of this interests me and I enjoy showing others the process. I am currently working with mosses and the organisms living amongst these fascinating plants. I like to spend time too with pollinators and the plants they visit. The variety of these indispensable creatures is incredible and I find spending time with them very relaxing. They help put things into proportion.
2023 Boundary Layer, LifeSpace Gallery, University of Dundee
2019 FRAY, Verdant Works-Jute Museum, Dundee
2018 LIGHTWAVE, Scottish Fisheries Museum, Anstruther
2018 BONES, Perth Museum and Art Gallery, Perth
2017 Brechin Townhouse Museum, Brechin (with Hetty Haxworth)
2017 SKYWARD, McNaughtons Bookshop & Gallery, Edinburgh
2016 LAVERACK, Taste Café, St Andrews
2016 SKYWARD; A study in flight, St Andrews

2023 Transmission / Intermission, LifeSpace Gallery, University of Dundee
2022 Scottish Portrait Awards Exhibition_Winner, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Banff
2022 Unmute, SSA at Dunoon Burgh Halls
2022 Ossuary at Frontier Gallery, Sheffield
2022 Gut Reactions curated by Experimental Photography Festival, Barcelona
2022 Postcards from Europe, Shutterhub at the University of Cambridge
2021 SSA Open at RSA, Edinburgh (Awarded Glasgow Art Club Prize)
2021 SSA Instant (photographic exhibition), online
2021 Insectarium, Society of Scottish Artists / SOC Aberlady
2020 Awaken After a Long Dream, Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto
2019 Shutterhub, Time to Think, Festival Pil’ours, France
2019 Shutterhub; Everything I Ever Learnt, Cambridge University
2019 SSA Open at, RSA Edinburgh
2018 Shutterhub OPEN, Photomonth London, then Amsterdam
2018 Current, VAS at Tatha Gallery, Newport-on-Tay
2018 CONTACT Photo Festival (invited artist), Toronto
2018 Analogue Dreams (invited artist), Seventeen, Aberdeen
2017 PrintRoom Dundee with Norman Ackroyd, Edinburgh Drawing School

2022-2023 MFA Art Science and Visual Thinking, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design
2001-2002 MSc Environmental Management, University of Stirling
1995-1998 BSc Medical Illustration, Glasgow Caledonian University (Distance learning degree while working as medical photographer at St John’s Hospital)
1991-1994 BSc (Hons) Biological Imaging, University of Derby
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