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Karl Stern

Karl Stern
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Karl developed an individual technique derived from Collography by painting images that have been drawn by blade, cutting into card and working the surface. Figurative works are nearly always cut live and abstracted. Backgrounds and landscapes are also drawn live, or from photos and imagination, or a mix of all three. Raw pigments are mixed with shellac as a paint medium, rendering the image sturdy enough to make individual prints. Ink deposits are deliberately retained to 'finish' the piece with fine line and tone. Both the painted 'plate' and up to 4 different prints from each plate are available. Paintings are framed while prints may be mounted and/or framed.
The search for hidden meanings or emotions often shows through the work, with intense colors created through the density of pure pigment in the medium.
Artist Cards made and traded under SternArt via galleries, fairs/markets etc.
Website; http://www.sternbyname.com
Facebook; Karl Stern/Stern Art

Trained at Leith School of Art, Edinburgh 12/13 and 13/14.
Selected for RSA, RGI and/or PAI open exhibitions annually since 2013.
Previously worked managing bookshops, record shops, wildlife park, bars and a career in local government before taking up as an artist in 2012.
2023 Exhibitions.
March, cafe exhibition In Eydens, Portobello, Edinburgh.
May, Artay, Perth.
July, Pittenweem Arts Festival
Sept, Open studio, Portobello ArtWalk
Oct/Nov/Dec, Solo show at House For and Art Lover, Glasgow

2019. Sept 7th/8th and 14th/15, Open Studio, Portobello, Edinburgh
May 2019 showing at ArtTay, Perth
Jan 2019 showing at Moy Mackay Gallery.

March 2018 solo show, Upright gallery
- plus mixed exhibitions during 2018 at Dancing Light Gallery, ArtTay, Cabinet at AnTalla Solais, Velvet Easel Gallery, Pittenweem Arts Festival and Open Studio September 18

January 16 Solo show at LSA

Successful Open Studio events each year early September as part of the Art Festival known as Porty ArtWalk. https://www.artwalkporty.co.uk/

Through 2016/17 mixed shows at, Dancing Light Gallery, Frames Gallery, Velvet Easel, and Cabinet (An Talla Solais, Ullapool), Upright Gallery, Pittenweem Arts Fest.

Frames, Velvet Easel, ArtWalkPorty, Corn Exchange (Biggar)

Arusha Gallery, Skylark cafe, Frames (Perth), Whitehouse Gallery, Velvet Easel, ArTay, Inchmore Gallery.
Storm Brewing, Iceland South
  • Karl Stern
  • Storm Brewing, Iceland South
  • Painting
My You've Grown, Yucca Fella
  • Karl Stern
  • My You've Grown, Yucca Fella
  • Painting
Offley and The Other Port Houses
  • Karl Stern
  • Offley and The Other Port Houses
  • Painting
What Next?
  • Karl Stern
  • What Next?
  • Painting
The Lost Farm at Night, Vik
  • Karl Stern
  • The Lost Farm at Night, Vik
  • Collograph
Tomorrow Will Be Better
  • Karl Stern
  • Tomorrow Will Be Better
  • Painting
Deserted Boathouse, Tremblade
  • Karl Stern
  • Deserted Boathouse, Tremblade
  • Painting
East Coast Hills
  • Karl Stern
  • East Coast Hills
  • Painting