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Jude Nixon

Jude Nixon
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My practice focuses on elemental subjects, seawater, ice, shorelines, ancient forms and relics. It is the enduring tensions inherent in these subjects that attracts me. I seek to explore the fragile and yet enduring beauty of ancient forms like the quahog; the strength, magnificence and yet catastrophe of melting Arctic Ice; the symbolic power and force of the North Sea.
I’m also very interested in the intrinsic weight of such subjects which speaks to and reflects my emotional responses. I am drawn to ancient forms, abandoned nests. rusting and decaying objects and more recently the loss of Arctic Ice and sea change occurring as a result of global warming etc. These subjects are saturated with loss and decay, powerful responses which resonate with the human condition giving the viewer a heightened awareness of their own senses.
Website: judenixon.co.uk
Oct 2016 Jude was awarded a four week residency at Bressay Lighthouse by the Shetland Amenity Trust. This research residency led to a rich stream of work based on Sea Kelp (Laminaria ) which she has exhibited in a variety of places - see further below.
2020 Luminate Award and Residency (online)
Solo and Group Exhibitions
June 2022 Forthcoming. Solo show Northlight Gallery Stromness Orkney
Dec 2021 Society of Scottish Artists 123 Annual Exhibition. RSA Edinburgh
Dec 2021 Liminal: a group exhibition. at St Margarets House Edinburgh
Nov 2021 Fragile Futures: Two women exhibition with Mary Walters Upright Gallery Edinburgh
Oct 2021 SURGE Visual Arts Scotland/Tatha Gallery, Newport of Tay, Group Exhibition
Sept 2021 Solo Exhibition Artwalk Porty, 21 Bath St, Portobello, Edinburgh
Dec 2020 Society of Scottish Artists 30 x 30 Online Exhibition
Dec 2020 FLOW Visual Arts Scotland Winter online Exhibition
Feb 2020 Solo Show SeaWrack and Flotsam The Skylark Portobello
Dec 2019 The Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour (RSW) 139th Annual Exhibition
Dec 2019 Three-person Exhibition Spoondrift with Jacqui Higgs and Mary Walters. Dundas St Edinburgh
Sept 2019 Solo Exhibition Artwalk Porty, 21 Bath St, Portobello, Edinburgh
Aug 2019 Two Person Exhibition Traces with Jacqui Higgs, St Margarets Gallery, Edinburgh
Sept 2018 Solo Exhibition Artwalk Porty, 21 Bath St, Portobello, Edinburgh
Sept 2016 Solo Exhibition Artwalk Porty, 21 Bath St, Portobello, Edinburgh
June 2016 Contemporary Art Practice End of Year exhibition Patriothall, Edinburgh
Nov 2015 RSA Open Royal Scottish Academy Edinburgh