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Jane Wheeler

Jane Wheeler
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Intrinsic to my artmaking process is an engagement with the environment which surrounds me. I want the landscape to express itself, to bring to the surface what does not necessarily meet the eye, a transformative process provoked by my experience of it, its atmosphere and moods, its shapes, textures, colours, sounds and smells. Scotland’s geology and biology, its stirring, shifting and wildness, are a force I want to bring to painting.
I begin with daily walking and en plein air drawing/ painting. Back in my studio I refer to this with improvisatory mark-making. I allow the fluidity, thickness and transparency of the marks I make — with brush, knife, fingers, twig, pencil, crayon, pastel — to recreate my impressions and my memory. The depth of the layering over collage, and the intuitive act of putting paint down, reaches a conclusion that transforms what I see and note down. Sometimes this will take only a day or two, sometimes months or years as I work over the surface again to find a solution. My background in ceramics and textile design helps me organise this intuitive expressive painting.
Born Norfolk 1950
Further Education
Dip Ad Ceramics Bath Academy of Art, Corsham 1969-72
MFA Newcastle Polytechnic 1989-91

Worked in textile design and fashion from 1972 until 2016
Painted 1983 – 2003, selected for East International, Norwich 1993, solo show at Cartwright Hall, Bradford, 1995
Returned to ceramics 2003
poetry published in small literary magazines 2015 onwards
One Person Ceramic exhibitions
Bircham gallery, Norfolk, UK, March 2007
Mediart gallery, Paris, France, June 2007
Le Bain gallery, Tokyo, Japan, July 2007
Beaux Arts gallery, Bath, UK, February 2008
Lund Gallery, Yorkshire, UK, March 2009
Beaux Arts Gallery, Bath, UK, September 2009
Bircham Gallery, Norfolk, UK, October 2009
Stour Gallery, Worcestershire, UK, July/August 2010
Bircham Gallery, Norfolk, April/May 2011
Hilton Gallery , Bath, February 2012
Bircham Gallery, Norfolk, January 2015
Pragmata Gallery and Oz Zingaro, Tokyo, Japan May 2015
David Simon Contemporary, Bath, October 2015, April 2017

Group shows
Installation in Salthouse Church for Salt of the Earth group exhibition July 2009
Ambrosia, Cupola Gallery Sheffield August 2009
In Praise of the Numinous, Cavin-Morris New York March 2014
Elementals; Women Sculpting Animism, Cavin-Morris New York November 2014
Earth Skin, Cavin-Morris New York, September 2016
Rough Stuff; In Praise of Wild Surface, Cavin-Morris, New York, April 2019

Galleries continuing to show work
Bircham Gallery, Norfolk, UK
Padstow Fine Art, Cornwall, UK
Bils and Rye, North Yorkshire, UK
David Simon Contemporary, Castle Cary, Somerset, UK
The Stratford Gallery, Broadway, Worcestershire, UK
Pragmata Gallery Tokyo, Japan
Cavin-Morris, New York, USA

Private collections in UK, USA,
Towards the sea
  • Jane Wheeler
  • Towards the sea
  • Acrylic
Dark in the Furthest Forest Pool
  • Jane Wheeler
  • Dark in the Furthest Forest Pool
  • Acrylic
Gean shines/burns bright/beltane
  • Jane Wheeler
  • Gean shines/burns bright/beltane
  • Acrylic
How the River Shines Today
  • Jane Wheeler
  • How the River Shines Today
  • Acrylic
  • Jane Wheeler
  • Sea-rocket/sand/marram/tide
  • Watercolour
Water on the fields
  • Jane Wheeler
  • Water on the fields
  • Watercolour
Rumgally/hand in hand/number nine
  • Jane Wheeler
  • Rumgally/hand in hand/number nine
  • Acrylic
Ariadne in the Wood
  • Jane Wheeler
  • Ariadne in the Wood
  • Acrylic