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Cavan Reed-O'Connor

Cavan Reed-O'Connor
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My practice observes the ambiguity of everyday through sentiment, place, and personal experience. Highlighting the relationships between presence and absence, I capture our surroundings and traces of interaction, noticing the patience of ordinary things, and the overlooked.

My work presents different narratives of apparently mundane occurrences that often go unnoticed. I question how we perceive our environment by highlighting the spaces we inhabit through images reduced to architectural forms or by using cropped views of moments of interest. Using pictorial and physical depth through low relief supports or building up layers of paint, I consider the impact of form, tone, and texture. Through my paintings, I aim to examine how much information is needed to understand an image. I use a monochromatic style to manipulate light and shadow, which suggests elements of the scene and allows the viewer to interpret what the image is referring to.

By doing so, my art invites viewers to reflect on the significance of the overlooked. I want to emphasise the process of looking; to notice the subtleties in shifts of tone and texture found in everyday surroundings
2024 1st Class BA(Hons) Painting, Grays School of Art, Aberdeen, Scotland
2020 Portfolio Development, Dundee & Angus College, Dundee, Scotland

Group Exhibitions
2024 Grays School of Art Degree Show, Aberdeen, Scotland
2023 A Gray in the Life, Pre-Degree show, Look Again, Aberdeen, Scotland
2023 In Response with Corrie Jennison, CASS Art, Glasgow,
2022 Pitlochry Makers: Wild, Alan Reece Gallery, Pitlochry, Scotland

2024 Royal Scottish Academy New Contemporaries 2024
2024 Visual Art Scotland Graduate Showcase Award Shortlisted Artist
2024 John Gray Legacy Prize

2023 Curatorial Team, A Gray in the Life, Look Again, Aberdeen, Scotland
2023 Assistant, for George Cheyne, They Came Before Us, Grays School of Art, Aberdeen, Scotland
2022 Curatorial Assistant for Marcus Murison’ Graduate in
Residence Show, Paintwork, Grays School of Art, Aberdeen, Scotland
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