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Bridie Gill

Bridie Gill
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Bridie Gill is an interdisciplinary artist working across sculpture, image-making and installation. Their research spans ecological fantasy, storytelling and class politics in an age of increasing individualism and austerity. They grew up on a small council estate in North Leeds, and credit much of their material understanding to this experience of childhood - their current work orbiting the physical and emotional container of the Wendy House they played in with their sibling as a kid. Bridie’s work also examines trauma and innocence, and the roles these can play in adult imagined worlds. Their images document a reclamation of body as home; particularly as this relates to the non consensual dissemination of personal images in the digital landscape they grew up in, as well as as a means of exploring an ever-evolving queer identity. They showcase the search for a sense of freedom and belonging even amongst increasingly unstable economic, political and ecological climates.

Uggly Bugga is the artists insectile performance identity; a drag creature whose name winks back at coarse Yorkshire grandmas. Where the rest of their work could be described as understated or considered; Uggly Bugga is a cacophony of raucous acts designed to elicit shocked and delighted attention. Utilising costume, dance, comedy and audio works Uggly Bugga performs in queer spaces for queer people. The work is lewd, crude and a labour of love.
The Helen A Rose Bequest 2024

2024 - Intermedia BA at The University of Edinburgh
2020 - Foundation Diploma in Art & Design at Leeds Arts University

June 2024 - ECA Degree Show
May 2024 - Outsider by Edinburgh Gallery Society, Outline Gallery, Edinburgh
February 2024 - Simulation Overload by CITY RAT Collective, residence in Edinburgh
October 2023 - The Devil's Doorframe, Edinburgh
March 2022 - Anatomy of a Museum, The Anatomical Museum Edinburgh

February 2024 - Drag skill-share with The Haus of Cooper Kunt, The Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh, UK
July 2023 - Drag skill-share with The Haus of Cooper Kunt, ESHC, Edinburgh, UK

May 2024 - Tracks, Subway Cowgate, Edinburgh
March 2024 - Principle 8, The Bongo Club
March 2024 - Nektar, The Bongo Club
December 2023 - DOGBITE, The Dog House, Edinburgh UK
November 2023 - Fruit Salad, Paradise Palms
October 2023 - Katie's Bar, Glasgow, UK
September 2023 - Craic, CC Blooms

with The Haus of Cooper Kunt:
March 2024 - Protect Bad Drag, ESHC
March 2024 - The Future of Drag, The Wee Red Bar
December 2023 - IM PARTY, The Wee Red Bar
October 2023 - Bodily Fluids, ESHC
August 2023 - Litter Tray (Fringe Show 1 & 4), ESHC
May 2023 - The Royal Drag Koronation, ESHC
March 2023 - Solidarity Art Show, ESHC
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Rent to Buy (Wood Pigeons)
  • Bridie Gill
  • Rent to Buy (Wood Pigeons)
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Don't Let the Cat Out
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  • Don't Let the Cat Out
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  • Bridie Gill
  • Chimney
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Whose Museum?
  • Bridie Gill
  • Whose Museum?
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