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Amanda Gizzi

Amanda Gizzi
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• Narrative and Story Telling
• Inspiration as an artist – Interweaving ideas.
I feel I am first and foremost an artist and my medium is tapestry. I work on personal images hopefully showing a passion for composition in colour and line and pattern.
My work is mostly figurative or at least tries to tell a story. I work in Tapestry as I feel it lends itself to the narrative and I am particularly interested in narrative mediaeval tapestry works.
Through my work I hope to express tales that come to me. For inspiration I keep looking and listening to people telling ‘stories’. I find myself inspired by funny titles for characters or for books and I often see images that catch my eye here or there – I collect all of these aspects and try to blend towards a design.
Tapestry weaving for me is a wonderful art and helps me maintain a love of pattern, textiles, line and composition.
I work through the process of making which can be a bit messy, not square, and not neat but I am happy to break the rules as long as I get the kind of image I enjoy.
I find all artists are basically inspired by their childhood and affected by their upbringing. For me this was a rich experience as my parents brought us up with an Italian/ Scottish background. As a family we immigrated to New York for several years and we stayed for periods of time with grandparents
Exhibitions include:
2016 Rosscommon Ireland Interconnections
2015 VAS Scotland National Galleries the Mound Edinburgh
2015 Dorothy Wightman Galleries Lake District
2014 RED BARN Cumbria
2013 In Perspex RSA Edinburgh
2013 The Red Barn Cumbria
2012 French Institute Edinburgh
2011 City Art Centre Edinburgh– Tapestry Retrospective
2011 The Lund Gallery North Yorkshire ‘Joy of Food’
2011 The Galerie La Tour Montsales - France
2010 Morley College Gallery London
2009 STAR Patriot Hall Gallery WASP Studios Stockbridge Edinburgh
2009 Red Barn Gallery Cumbria
2009 The Hungarian Triennial Szombathelyi Keptar Textilgyujtemeny
2009 The French Institute – Randolph Crescent Edinburgh Part of Scottish Tapestry Artist Regrouped
2009 Visual Arts Scotland – City Art Centre - Edinburgh