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Adrian Gardner

Adrian Gardner
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In my work I explore themes of memory, imagination, permanence and experience

I am interested in how we experience and make sense of the world, contrasts, mythological beliefs, how we used to imagine far away places before the advent of photography, imagination playing a far greater part, the fleeting nature of experience, time perspective, mountains were here a long time before we were here and they’ll be there a long time after we’ve gone.

Those are some of the ideas, but not the whole story, like most painters I enjoy the alchemy of taking raw materials, pigments, oil, canvas and creating images, fabulous paint. In a way the images are vehicle for the colours, the process is as much a part of the outcome as the idea
UCLan Fine Art BA hons - Painting 1995

I trained at art foundation in the university of Sunderland and degree level at the university of central Lancashire, moved to Edinburgh in 1995. I have painted consistently since qualifying and focused more recently on my practice in the last few years, working from my home studio, building a portfolio which I am keen to begin exhibiting

I build my own canvas stretchers using professional quality grade materials, working on fine linen, primed and sanded smooth, then paint in traditional oils

Sleep when you’re dead (solo) Whitespace Gallery July 2022

Unmute - SSA June 2022
The Space Between - London Paint Club May 2022
RSA Annual Exhibition - Edinburgh May 2022
Reverb - VAS March 2022
- Unit 1 Gallery Workshop Curated I - Oct 2021
- SSA Re:connect May - June 2021
- London paint club Spring Awakening - April 2021
- SSA 30 x 30 Nov 2021


They’re only dreams
  • Adrian Gardner
  • They’re only dreams
  • Oil
The power and the glory
  • Adrian Gardner
  • The power and the glory
  • Oil
Pink mountains V
  • Adrian Gardner
  • Pink mountains V
  • Oil
Not all life’s mysteries are solved
  • Adrian Gardner
  • Not all life’s mysteries are solved
  • Oil