Conceptually my work sits somewhere between the micro and the macro. An understanding of fibres and the structure of materials are juxtaposed with a great interest in the cosmos - its sheer scale and the sense of the unknown. This informs my mark-making, my colour selection, and my exploration of translucency, materials and material equivalents. I draw to make and make to draw, constantly moving across media, blurring boundaries and at the same time resolving in a precise way, where each step in the process impacts upon the next.

Giving value to unnoticed events and attention to detail are also key to my practice. For example, observing what is happening in the garden, a leaf unfurling, a colour explosion.

In the end it's about exploring the tactility and behaviour of materials and re-contextualising them in unlikely combinations. Balancing capability with probability is challenging but it makes me get up in the morning to see what's new.