As in any collaboration, the trees have their own ideas’
- Roger Deacon on David Nash in Wildwood.

We are delighted to announce an exciting celebration of wood, in collaboration with Marchmont HouseThe Scottish Gallery and Craft Scotland.

Marchmont House will host a rich and exciting celebration of wood, in collaboration with Visual Arts Scotland, The Scottish Gallery and Craft Scotland. At the core of the experience is an exhibition showcasing contemporary makers using wood within their creative practice from across Scotland and beyond, with a series of talks concentrating on their personal conversations with the wood as they sculpt, carve and shape their unique pieces of work. There will also be selected films showing, which highlight special journeys associated with making in wood, as part of our goal to spur conversations around wood.
The timing of this event is to kick-start a splash of creativity in the Scottish Borders on the back of Pauline Burbidge & Charlie Poulsen’s 26 years of open studios at Allanbank Mill Steading open 2-5th August. The idea of focusing on wood came from a conversation with the artist and President of Visual Arts Scotland, Andrew Mackenzie, after the successful ALIGHT exhibition at the RSA in early 2019. There will be 18 makers & artists involved in the show in some way, with at least 8 present & speaking, selected from our hugely acclaimed Visual Arts Scotland exhibition, ALIGHT which ran during January and February 2019. Three of the artists, Naomi Mcintosh, Beth Legg and Charlotte Barker, were part of the ALIGHT Craft Scotland showcase exploring relationships between wood and other materials with other artists also selected from the exhibition:

Andrew Mackenzie, David Nash, Sebastian Cox, Charlie Poulsen & Pauline Burbidge, Lawrence Neal, Luci Sim, Thomas Hawson, Isabelle Moore, Angus Richardson, Roland Fraser, Beth Legg, Naomi Mcintosh, Angus Ross, Eleanor Lakelin, Jim Partridge & Liz Walmsley, Edward Teasdale & Adrian McCurdy.

Saturday 3rd August & Sunday 4th August 2019

Marchmont House,




TD10 6YL

Lead Sponsors:
Lyon & Turnbull & Corney & Barrow
Craft Scotland & Morton Fraser LLP