Borders Art Fair

Visual Arts Scotland is delighted to be invited to show in the Spotlight Area of The Borders Art Fair on the 13th – 15th of March. This is part of VAS’s aims to create quality opportunities to showcase our members work, to generate debate, to test out and exhibit challenging and ambitious ideas - within the context of Scottish and international culture. VAS have the large space at the front of the fair, and we will be showing the full range of what VAS stands for - painting, jewellery, objects, textiles sculpture, furniture. 

Submissions were open to all our members across all artforms. Vas Artists on show include: Hannah Ross, Andrew Phillips, Daniel Lacey, Ann-Kathrin Muller, Kathryn Johnson, Adrian McCurdy, Gemma Petrie, Jacob Littlejohn, Angus Richardson, William Braithwaite, Caroline Ann Mordue, Charlotte Roseberry, Douglas McBride, Matt Morris, Andrew Mackenzie, Olivia Turner, Sylvia Home, Christopher Brook, Nicola Wiltshire, Lyndsey Gilmour, Inge Paneels, Mooie Scott, Lucilla Sim, Thomas Cameron, Lindsey Lavender, Roland Fraser, Genevieve Draper, Julie Barnes, Lynsey MacKenzie, Susie Leiper, and Gillian Mather.

Visual Arts Scotland are also delighted to have three invited members to showcase; Julie-Ann SimpsonCally Booker and David Iain Brown.

Please read more about Borders Art Fair Spotlight on VAS and our invited artists  here:

Borders Art Fair - 13th-15th March, Borders Events Centre, Springwood Park, Kelso, TD5 8LS.