Naomi works on different scales from jewellery and sculptural objects to installations. Coming from an architectural background, she creates spaces by using techniques similar to an architectural model maker. With precise geometry the pieces explore the relationship between the body and objects and how volumes, patterns, planes and forms are seen. Naomi works primarily in wood, combining a broad range of skills that include handmaking and digital processes, and taking inspiration from pattern, movement, landscape and the natural world. By using planes and lines, forms are suggested, transforming two-dimensional surfaces into three-dimensional objects.

The structure known as hirta was designed by Naomi and realised in collaboration with architect Bruce Brebner and designers Sam Booth and Maggie Savage of Echo Living. Hirta is a design platform promoting Scottish contemporary design and interdisciplinary collaborative projects, and it was they who commissioned the piece. The hirta structure, with its dynamic modular form, is designed to be reconfigured in different locations making it recognisable but continuously changing. It aims to capture public interest and act as an anchor for conversations about craft and design.