Member News - Guidelines

Apr 8th 2024

As a member of Visual Arts Scotland you are entitled to send us any news that you would like us to share on our social media outlets. 

We advise that you send your news aproximately 4 weeks before your event/exhibition takes place so we can schedule it into our social calendar. To help us please send your news in the following format:


- Full name of artist:

- Exhibition title:

- Date of exhibition & opening times:

- Address of exhibition:

- Web Links to exhibition:

- Photo credit:

- Social media links:

- Up to 5 images: sized to be square, jpegs or png (Facebook and Instagram can't use pdfs or word docs)

- Words: no more than 20 words as a quote from the artist

- Type of membership


If your news is not in this format, it will take us longer to process and it will consequently take longer to publish it. Please help us to help you publish your news in a timely and efficient manner.



VAS Comms team.