Since Graduating in 2013 Stefanie Cheong has developed a portfolio career spanning jewellery and object design, making, teaching, craft development and curatorial practice. She initiated O-PIN, a project that aims to inspire and empower people through making and encourage sustainability within the practice of Art Jewellery. 

In a bid to counter the negative image of the jewellery industry, Stephanie set out to source her materials from the landscape in a low impact way. While seeking treasure in the Highlands of Scotland she realised that panning for gold was not the answer, and in her many fruitless hours in the unyielding rivers, she turned her attention to the surrounding beauty of Scotland’s geological landscape. Working in sustainably sourced marble, gneiss, basalt, and other naturally occurring Scottish rocks, Stephanie has acquired a basic set of self-taught stone working skills. She is seeking a mentor who could help her develop and refine these skills and push her work in new directions. On a larger scale, carving and working in hollow spaces, she would aim to work sculpturally with the stone, to produce perhaps bangles, bowls and cups. On a small scale more she would like to explore more intimate surface detail, exploring inlay with different stones and with metals.