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Yeonjoo Cho

Yeonjoo Cho
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Yeonjoo Cho is a Korean-born visual artist, researcher, and educator based in Glasgow, United Kingdom. Her creative practice has focused on the idea of Oriental painting, traditional tropes of East Asian art, Orientalism, immigration and hybridised forms in art history. Starting with a question on the dichotomic division of Oriental and Western painting, her work contemplates how so-called Oriental images and tropes could embrace cultural others and hybrids.
Solo Exhibition
2019 ‘Things between the Sun and the Moon’, Cheongju Creative Art Studio, Cheongju, Korea.
2017 ‘Dream Journey’, Art Space Seo:ro, Seoul, Korea.​

Selected Group Exhibitions
2023 (forthcoming) ‘Scottish Landscape Awards’, Edinburgh City Art Centre, Edinburgh, UK.
2023 (forthcoming) ‘Animal, Mineral, Vegetal’, Bellonio Cultural Centre, Santorini, Greece.
2023 ‘CV: Busan’, Hello Artist, Busan, Korea.
2022 ‘Reverb’, Visual Arts Scotland, Online exhibition.
2021 ‘Human Perspectives’, Gonville and Caius College, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK.
2020 ‘Contemporary Young Artist’, The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
2019 ‘Open Code’, Cheongju Creative Art Studio, Cheongju, Korea
2018 ‘We are together because...’, The Vacant Space, Glasgow, UK
2018 ‘Close by’, 38 Trongate, Glasgow, UK
2018 ‘No Safe Haven’, The Pipe Factory, Glasgow, UK
2017 ‘UAC Young Artists’, Uijeongbu Art Centre, Uijeongbu, Korea
2017 ‘愛敬’, AK Gallery, Suwon, Korea
2016 ‘Storytelling Painting’, Seoul Western District Court Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2016 ‘美貪’, Sang-am DMC Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2016 ‘Notwithstanding X’, SeMA, Buk Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
2014 ‘The 4th Art Factory Project’, Culture Station Seoul 284, Seoul, Korea

Awards / Grants
2023 Scottish Landscape Awards by Scottish Arts Trust (shortlisted), Edinburgh, UK
2023 Youngmin International Artist Residency Programme (Sponsorship—Domaine de Boisbuchet), Hanwha Foundation, Seoul, Korea
2022 Flora Wood Award for Originality by Visual Arts Scotland, Edinburgh, UK
2020 Biscuit Factory Contemporary Young Artist (shortlisted), Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
2018 Lit Award by Kendall Koppe Gallery, Glasgow, UK
2018 Secret Art Prize by Curious Duke Gallery (shortlisted), London, UK
2017 Uijeongbu Art Centre Emerging Artist Award (shortlisted), Uijeongbu, Korea
2017 AK Artist Award by AK Gallery (shortlisted), Suwon, Korea
N's Lounge
  • Yeonjoo Cho
  • N's Lounge
  • Oil
Late Winter
  • Yeonjoo Cho
  • Late Winter
  • Oil
Buddleia, the bombsite plant
  • Yeonjoo Cho
  • Buddleia, the bombsite plant
  • Oil
Lake Sam-il
  • Yeonjoo Cho
  • Lake Sam-il
  • Oil
Conversation in a Cave
  • Yeonjoo Cho
  • Conversation in a Cave
  • Oil
Viewing Plum Blossoms by Moonlight
  • Yeonjoo Cho
  • Viewing Plum Blossoms by Moonlight
  • Oil
My Wretched Love Trapped in the Empty Mountain
  • Yeonjoo Cho
  • My Wretched Love Trapped in the Empty Mountain
  • Oil
Her Journey
  • Yeonjoo Cho
  • Her Journey
  • Oil