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Yelena Visemirska

Yelena Visemirska
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My name is Yelena Visemirska and I have been a tenant at Inverness Creative Academy since the
studios opened I am in my studio today with my work just behind me.
I was born in Latvia in 1984
and moved to Scotland in 2003.
I have studied Art at the University of the Highlands and Islands AND ART EDUCATION TOAT ME TO
OBSERVE and analyse the world more closely.
My work considers the relationship between
natural and man-made landscapes,
Since I moved to the studio I have Produced a series of paintings called ‘Pathways to Nature’‘
Through my latest series of images
I aim to explore the relationship we
have with the greater natural world.
Everyday life divides us in urban areas from our wilderness and has contributed to seeing nature as
something isolated from us.
I feel it is important to attempt to merge these two worlds
to bring back a sense of belonging that we have lost
through the separation of man and wilderness.
Through the creative process
I have gravitated towards the memories of places
I have travelled and explored. Places that have impacted me for better or for worse,
those places that have left an emotional imprint upon my being; Some of my memories come from my
childhood. The sleeping blocks where I was brought up.
…I call them the ..sleeping block memories …around 100 blocks were build …with identical flats inside …
young people received
….. 9 squire mitres per person for each family to live in. 5 years ago my husband visited my parents with
me and his words were: “If you left me here I would never find
Yelena Visemirska
Born in Latvia, June 1984

09/2013-12/2014 University Of Highlands and Islands
Bachelor Of Arts
Fine Art
09/2012-06/2013 University Of Highlands and Islands
Higher National Diploma
Contemporary Art Practice
09/2011-06/2012 University Of Highlands and Islands
Higher National Certificate
Contemporary Art Practice
09/2010-06/2011 Inverness College
National Certificate in Drama


3rd November- 22nd December
Light house
  • Yelena Visemirska
  • Light house
  • Mixed Media
Cow in the fog
  • Yelena Visemirska
  • Cow in the fog
  • Mixed Media
Cow in the fog 2
  • Yelena Visemirska
  • Cow in the fog 2
  • Mixed Media
  • Yelena Visemirska
  • Lace
  • Mixed Media