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William Lindsay

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My pre-painting career taught me a lot about the importance of looking, of drawing connections out of imperfect and incomplete material, and of the tensions that exist between what we see and what we know. I like my paintings to have some element of ambiguity, to elicit questions, and there are reflections of my feelings for the geology and history of landscapes, for the interactions of cultural and social histories, and where these place us in relation to our surroundings and to each other.
In recent years my work has become more expressive and responsive to unforeseen events in the painting process. My starting point is often the emotive visual impact of a physical object which, if it remains at all, becomes typically an archetypal form used to carry something of the initial sensation. In some of my work I try to hold on to the uncertain and insecure momentary view of what we see in passing.
Although my career has only recently focused on painting, I was always active in some aspect of art. I grew up in Dumbarton, Scotland, and studied geology at Glasgow University before moving to London to work at The Natural History Museum. After an international career in palaeontology and conservation there, I went on to deliver postgraduate education in conservation at the Royal College of Art. I then joined the UK’s National Archives as part of an international research team studying the future management and preservation of archival collections. Returning to Scotland in 2012, to Edinburgh, to study painting at Leith School of Art, I now paint full-time, more or less…

1973-1977 B.Sc (Hons) Geology, University of Glasgow
2008 PgCert Teaching and Learning, University of the Arts London
2012-2014 Painting, Leith School of Art

1977-1978 Curatorial Assistant, The Hunterian Museum, Glasgow University
1979 – 1992 Palaeontological preparator and conservator, The Natural History Museum, London
1992-1993 Author and conservation consultant
1993-2001 Head of Palaeontology Conservation, The Natural History Museum, London
1999-2001 Expert Evaluator, European Commission, The city of tomorrow and cultural heritage
2001-2009 Head of RCA/V&A Conservation, Royal College of Art, London
2009-2011 Heritage Conservation consultant
2010-2012 Postdoctoral Research Associate, The National Archives, Kew
2004 - Fellow, Royal College of Art
2007- Fellow, Higher Education Academy

Forthcoming - April, 2016 PASSING PLACES, Gayfield Creative Spaces, Edinburgh
2016 Converge 2016, Edinburgh
2014 Leith School of Art, Edinburgh
2013 September Art Exhibition, Wadhurst
2013 Leith School of Art, Edinburgh
2011 September Art Exhibition, Wadhurst
2010 “The Fringe”, September 2010, artloco, Ticehurst
2010 “This Sceptred Isle”, April 2010, artloco, Ticehurst
2009 September Art Exhibition, Wadhurst
Passing Place
  • William Lindsay
  • Passing Place
  • Oil
Turning Point
  • William Lindsay
  • Turning Point
  • Oil
New Red, displaced
  • William Lindsay
  • New Red, displaced
  • Oil
Blue Rampart
  • William Lindsay
  • Blue Rampart
  • Oil
A Difficult Path
  • William Lindsay
  • A Difficult Path
  • Acrylic
Competing Boundaries
  • William Lindsay
  • Competing Boundaries
  • Acrylic