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William Braithwaite

William Braithwaite
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My practice is a constant exploration of repetition, process and formation. Often these works explore the boundary between sculpture and architecture. Making a dialog between the two practices.

I am interested in objects that engage the viewer in a bodily way, meaning I am interested objects that are of a large scale and or complex in there design. Influence has come from the architectural styles of Modernism and Brutalism. These buildings produce powerful, dominant, minimalist forms that can be visually interesting, especially from an artist point of view, with there repetitive mundane shapes becoming complex through repetition building up a complex shape.

Using repetitive shapes and forms I build up a large form that has geometry and linear values. Often these works are made from concrete. This means that the works look as if they could have existed for a long time and could exist for a long time. Using concrete asks questions about the relationship of architecture and sculpture. The mundane colour of the material allows the viewer can pay more attention to the form and structure of the work. The works almost appropriate different architectural and other functional objects and combine them together to create a hybrid.

Making on a large scale means that the viewer can have a bodily interaction with the work. I feel this is important when making work in relation architectural interventions. Being of a large scale often means exhibiting the work outside and work site specifically. It is interesting
The Glasgow School of Art,
Sculpture and Environmental Art,
BA (honours)

Leeds Arts University,
Foundation Diploma in Art and design,

Select Exhibitions
RSA New Contemporary's
24th of March 2018

January 2018
'OPEN 2018'
The Society of Scottish Artists
The Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh

November 2017
The Maclaurin Gallery, Ayr

June 2017
Glasgow School Of Art Degree Show 2017
Glasgow School Of Art

February 2017
Traces Below Stairs,
Pollok House, Glasgow

January 2017
Young Contemporys from GSA,
The Glasgow Art Club, Glasgow

November 2016
Contriving Moments In Resilience and Permanence,
At CASS Art, Glasgow

March 2016
Group exhibition at The Whisky Bond, Glasgow

June 2015
A Cognative Process,
At the Old Hairdressers, Glasgow

May 2014
Knock Knock,
Leeds Arts University, End of course show