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Thomas Hawson

Thomas Hawson
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I make things to make sense of the world. Using different basic making traditions, I explore our relationship with nature. By physically sourcing my own materials from the landscape and reinventing forgotten making traditions, I want to delve deep into the cultural contexts of places and people, through making. From this mostly physical and visual research I like to find ways to use these materials and basic making practices to make symbolic artifacts that have meaning for the present day. I often make these artifacts as props to create happenings or performances. I then document these happenings and sometimes the making of the artifacts themselves with photography and drawing. I use this documentary drawing and photography to make montage and dioramas and all together as a reflective tool. My ambition is to mediate between humanity and nature and demonstrate an optimistic and fruitful future for both.
Thomas Hawson, b. 1973 Lincolnshire, lives and works in Scottish Borders since 1997.

From a self-converted rural mill, Thomas has been working with wood, bronze, ceramics, drawing and film photography. His works range from art happenings or actions, installations for the gallery and the landscape to drawings and photography. Themes include the differences between the rural and urban experience, how we learn through experience and how and what we learn from our ancestors.

With a practice-based PhD in Icelandic craftsmanship and making culture, completed in 2006, he set the foundations for a considered view of our making heritage, which remains a muse in its self, and the starting point for his art.