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Teresa Gordon

Teresa Gordon
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My work involves, painting, installation and prints.
I am currently looking at the philosophy of impermanence.
Searching for a visual representation that adequately describes the transitory nature of our lives and the environment we encounter.
Latterly I have been exploring sunrises and sunsets, mark-making and surfaces as well as our environmental impact on the landscape through neglect and carelessness.
Teresa Gordon visual artist.
To Date:
Currently working in studio at St Margaret’s House, 151 London Road Edinburgh.
Teresa Gordon BA(Hons)fine art. Glasgow School of art 1994
PGSE with Distinction 1995
MPhil from GSA and Glasgow University in 2003.

Educational employment:
Art Teacher and Principal teacher then acting Depute in East Kilbride Secondary.

Awarded the GSA Jock MacPhie painting prize

Exhibited locally (Velvet Easel and Artwalk Porty) and at RSA.
Solo exhibition at Coburg House.
Solo exhibitions at St Margaret’s House.
Solo exhibition at Union Gallery, Edinburgh.
Previous exhibitions were in East Kilbride Art Centre and East Kilbride Country Park, Glasgow Hutchison Street (pop-up)
Have participated in Porty Artwalk since 2014
Dark Morning
  • Teresa Gordon
  • Dark Morning
  • Oil
Luce Bay
  • Teresa Gordon
  • Luce Bay
  • Oil
  • Teresa Gordon
  • reconciliation
  • Installation
Transitional Storm
  • Teresa Gordon
  • Transitional Storm
  • Oil
Galloway Sunset
  • Teresa Gordon
  • Galloway Sunset
  • Oil
Cloud Burst
  • Teresa Gordon
  • Cloud Burst
  • Pastel