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Stacie Amelia

Stacie Amelia
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My primary mediums are oil, acrylic or digital but I work with a multitude of mediums including sculpture. Most of my work is contemporary surrealist as this is what arises most naturally. I am driven by exploring what it means to be living this human life and how we each make sense of and meaning from the circumstances we have found ourselves in. I prefer to create work that is participatory and immersive that aids people to express themselves through my artwork, but I also create more personal pieces.
*Creative Therapist
*Bound Exhibition 2011 - Merchant City Glasgow
*Queens Exhibition 2011- Merchant City Glasgow
*Growing Older Solo Exhibition 2015 in partnership with Luminate Scotland and The Stove Dumfries (global interactive participation)
*Being Human In Lockdown Set (In Lockdown, Six Months On, One Year on) Solo Exhibition2020-2021 - Online (global participation)
The Stories We Tell Solo Exhibition 2021 -Online (global participation)
The Visual Arts Association International Spring 2021 Exhibition -Online

Various smaller independent galleries and local exhibitions.
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