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Sophia Pauley

Sophia Pauley
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Sophia is an artist based in Edinburgh. She focuses on the spaces in between the physical forms of the urban landscape, using a bright contrasting palette to accentuate the flowing shapes. The shapes, lines and composition of her work stem from architectural environments associated with water. Sophia’s practice was inspired initially by her love of swimming. She recreates experiences of particular places by recording, using drawing and photography, then remembering and re-imagining, both visually and emotionally. She aims to transfer these experiences into a more interactive environment for the viewer, initiating movement around the exhibited work.
First Class BA (HONS) ART: Edinburgh College of Art (2014 - 2018).

Cardiff Arts Academy Foundation in Art and Design


Gradcurate Spring Exhibition, Bloc Gallery, Edinburgh, 13 - 19 March 2020.

Utopia - What’s Yours, SSA exhibition at Gracefield Arts Centre & Kirkcudbright Galleries, part 2 from 20 December – 1 March.

SSA/VAS OPEN, Royal Scottish Academy, 22 December - 30 January 2020.


Little Originals, Group exhibition, Dock Street Studios, Dundee, 7- 28 December.

Encounter, Collaboration with Nancy Nightingale, Patriothall Gallery, Edinburgh, 6 - 24 September. The Smart Leisure Guide

Pittenweem Arts Festival, Pittenweem, 3 - 11 August


The Art Of The Party, Art Basel Miami, 1 Hotel South Beach, Miami.

Best of Scottish Art School Graduates 2018 show, Art Pistol, Glasgow: From 23 June. Abstract Art: Shapes

Pittenweem Arts Festival, Pittenweem, The Scotsman.

ECA Degree Show, Edinburgh College of art, Edinburgh.

The Salon, members show, Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh.

Hot and Busted, group fundraiser exhibition of graduating students, Edinburgh College of Art.


Build Up, group exhibition with ECA painters, Gallery 23, Edinburgh. The Student Newspaper

Summer flat show, group exhibition with ECA painters, West Nicholson St., Edinburgh.

Imago Mundi project, Scotland/Milan. Online catalogue.

Year 3 Running up that Hill, St. Margaret's House, Edinburgh.

Second, group show, Dublin Street, Edinburgh.

Liminal Spaces, group show, Edinburgh College of Art.

Astaire Prize shortlisting, Edinburgh College of Art.

Genius Loci: The Texture of Longing, ESAF, City Arts Centre. The Student Newspaper, SYNCC

2019: Shortlisted for Zealous Painting Stories

2018: Winner of the ACS Studio Residency Award 2018

2018: Winner of the Pittenweem Bursary Award (exhibition 3 - 12 August 2018)

2018: Shortlisted for the Astaire Prize

2018: Commended entry - ECA Supersize Image Competition

2017: Shortlisted for the Astaire
Water of Leith
  • Sophia Pauley
  • Water of Leith
  • Painting
847 03
  • Sophia Pauley
  • 847 03
  • Installation
Strange Space
  • Sophia Pauley
  • Strange Space
  • Screenprinting
Spatial Encounters
  • Sophia Pauley
  • Spatial Encounters
  • Painting
Umhlanga Seafront
  • Sophia Pauley
  • Umhlanga Seafront
  • Painting
Spatial Encounters Series
  • Sophia Pauley
  • Spatial Encounters Series
  • Painting
Spatial Encounters Series
  • Sophia Pauley
  • Spatial Encounters Series
  • Painting
  • Sophia Pauley
  • Tangent
  • Painting