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Sonja G N Gallhofer

Sonja G N Gallhofer
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I am an artist and writer. I use digital photography, a digital pen and words to tell stories. My stories are about landscapes, animals, trees and people and how they connect with each other. The stories in my photographs, collages, poems and flash fiction reflect my way of seeing and you might see things quite differently. I hope, however, that my way of seeing will challenge you to look more closely at what you see when you are at home or out and about. I believe if we begin to change our way of seeing we will become better aware of issues that need addressing. It is important to remember that we, either individually or as part of a collective, have the power to contribute to making the world a better place for all, people, animals, plants and the earth. I am aiming to contribute to this worthwhile project through my artwork and writing.

I do not hold formal degrees in art disciplines but have acquired my skills through self-study and in person short courses and workshops and online courses.

Monoprint Workshop, Paintbox School of Art, Scotland, UK

Online non-credit course authorised by Michigan State University (Photography)

Online non-credit course authorised by California Institute of the Arts (Graphic Design)

Short courses at the Edinburgh School of Art, University of Edinburgh (Tapestry Weaving, World Textiles)

Workshops with Fiona Hutchison (Tapestry Weaving)

My degree which is most relevant for my literary writing is a PhD in German Literature (Karl-Franzens University, Austria).

I am a member of the following organisations:

Visual Arts of Scotland
Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (FRSA)

I have been shortlisted for the following awards:

Phone Portrait Award 2023, Scottish Arts Trust
Scottish Landscape Awards 2023, Scottish Arts Trust

Group Exhibitions:

Phone Portrait Photography Exhibition (online)

Scottish Landscape Awards Exhibition, City Arts Centre Edinburgh, UK
It's raining
  • Sonja G N Gallhofer
  • It's raining
  • Digital print
Distorted lines
  • Sonja G N Gallhofer
  • Distorted lines
  • Digital print
  • Sonja G N Gallhofer
  • Clouds
  • Digital print
It's snowing
  • Sonja G N Gallhofer
  • It's snowing
  • Digital print
My own voice
  • Sonja G N Gallhofer
  • My own voice
  • Digital print
  • Sonja G N Gallhofer
  • Broken
  • Digital print
Spring is approaching
  • Sonja G N Gallhofer
  • Spring is approaching
  • Digital print
Barren field
  • Sonja G N Gallhofer
  • Barren field
  • Digital print