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Sarah Bold

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I am a landscape painter interested in the significant impact of human activity upon the planet’s ecosystems, geology and climate, and more specifically how this relates to the rural environment.

Issues such as climate change, the coastal and marine environment, agriculture, isolation and migration underpin my work, whilst considering our transitory existence in relation to the geological age of the Earth.
Sarah lives and works as an artist in the western isles of Scotland. She studied painting at Wimbledon University (UAL), London.

2021 'Message to the Earth' John Muir Open, Dundee
2021 ‘Our Changing World’, D31 Gallery, Doncaster
2021 The Alpine Fellowship Visual Art Prize (shortlist)
2021 Jackson’s Art Prize - Winner of the Landscape,
Seascape, City category
2021 Royal Scottish Academy 195th Annual Exhibition,
2020 ING Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries, London
2020 ‘Flow’, Visual Arts Scotland (VAS)
2020 ‘SSA 30x30 Online Edition, Society of Scottish
Artists (SSA)
2020 ‘Tides Changing//Changing Tides’, SSA Viewing
2020 Royal Society of Marine Artists Annual Exhibition,
Mall Galleries, London
2020 Wells Art Contemporary Annual Exhibition, Wells,
2020 ‘On The Table’, Marram Arts, @marramarts
2020 Jackson’s Painting Prize
'Incoming', 23x30cm
  • Sarah Bold
  • 'Incoming', 23x30cm
  • Oil
'Seaweed, Plastic & Detritus', 23x30cm
  • Sarah Bold
  • 'Seaweed, Plastic & Detritus', 23x30cm
  • Oil
'Storm Plastic', 23x30cm
  • Sarah Bold
  • 'Storm Plastic', 23x30cm
  • Oil
'The Message', 23x30cm
  • Sarah Bold
  • 'The Message', 23x30cm
  • Oil
'The More You Look the More You See', 120x150cm
  • Sarah Bold
  • 'The More You Look the More You See', 120x150cm
  • Oil
'Dead Weight', 23x30cm
  • Sarah Bold
  • 'Dead Weight', 23x30cm
  • Oil
'Hundreds and Thousands', 23x30cm
  • Sarah Bold
  • 'Hundreds and Thousands', 23x30cm
  • Oil
'Transgression', 23x30cm
  • Sarah Bold
  • 'Transgression', 23x30cm
  • Oil