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Sam Harley

Sam  Harley
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I am a current a forth year student studying Painting and Printmaking at The Glasgow School of Art.

Harley’s practice explores ideas of everyday aesthetics with a focus on mundane throwaway objects. Our everyday lives are so repetitive that we often overlook the simple things in life and do not give enough love and attention to these objects. Through Harley’s mark-making and clever combination of the 2-D with 3-D, defamiliarisation occurs with the work. The objects Harley uses are found on the streets and have been rejected by the original owner. She re-purposes the neglected by defuncting the intention of the product. Harley up-cycles the objects to create a tension between high art and the disused.

Harley’s practice also considers challenging the traditions of painting. One part of this is adding the found objects to the work but occurs in other manners too. Areas of thick impasto oil paint contrast with watery thin washes of acrylic as well as the matte interior house paint. By not stretching canvas correctly, painting onto the walls behind the work, displaying work on readymades and purposefully letting oil seep out all lends itself to this idea of resisting the conventions of painting.

The Glasgow School of Art/The University of Glasgow, M(Litt) Curatorial Practice (Contemporary Art)

PASC, Participatory Practice Course

2020 The Glasgow School of Art, BA (Hons) Fine Art – Painting & Printmaking
Untitled (High Performance Pedestal 2)
  • Sam Harley
  • Untitled (High Performance Pedestal 2)
  • Collage
Untitled (Bicycle Tyre and Tube)
  • Sam Harley
  • Untitled (Bicycle Tyre and Tube)
  • Painting
Untitled (Meeting Room Plastic)
  • Sam Harley
  • Untitled (Meeting Room Plastic)
  • Painting
Installation shot of Untitled (MARICUS), Untitled (SVALLET) and Untitled (High Performance Pedestal 3)
  • Sam Harley
  • Installation shot of Untitled (MARICUS), Untitled (SVALLET) and Untitled (High Performance Pedestal 3)
  • Installation
Untitled (Plastic Roofing)
  • Sam Harley
  • Untitled (Plastic Roofing)
  • Found Objects
  • Sam Harley
  • Lamp
  • Drawing
Installation of Untitled (Interior Paint), series of 9
  • Sam Harley
  • Installation of Untitled (Interior Paint), series of 9
  • Installation
Untitled (SVALLET)
  • Sam Harley
  • Untitled (SVALLET)
  • Pastel