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Rosie Currie

Rosie Currie
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My work draws inspiration from everyday objects and forms. I’m interested in handheld and handmade objects and enjoy celebrating the imperfections that come with handmade work.

I’m interested in the line between craft, design and art see jewellery and metalwork as a bridge between each discipline.

My creative process is instinctive and involves collecting, observing, arranging and rearranging and can vary from quick spontaneous pieces to carefully constructed works.

Exploration through making is a key part of my practice and I try show the fun and playfulness of my process in each piece I make.
Recent exhibitions:

2016 - New Designers
2016 - Glasgow School of Art Degree Show
2015 - The Plinth, Glasgow


2012 - 2016 - Silversmithing and Jewellery at Glasgow School of Art
2011 - Foundation Art and Design at Edinburgh's Telford College


2016 - Peter Wylie Davidson Memorial Prize
2016 - Nominated for the Newbury Medal
Handheld Brush
  • Rosie Currie
  • Handheld Brush
  • Rosie Currie
  • Spout
Urn Vessel
  • Rosie Currie
  • Urn Vessel
Hook Sketch
  • Rosie Currie
  • Hook Sketch
  • Rosie Currie
  • V-Neck
  • Rosie Currie
  • Untitled