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Robert McNeill

Robert McNeill
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Robert’s depth of engagement when painting plant forms can be experienced firsthand through the stunning quality, accuracy and sensitivity of his work. His watercolours are strongly grounded in painterly processes to meet the complexities of his chosen subjects and bear witness to a creative process that is always in a state of flux.

His process employs rigorous objective visual inquiry, interrogating every aspect of a subject through the manipulation of light to ascertain which aspects reveal the essence and dynamic nature of the plant form.

The orchestration of his highly descriptive visual language is a testimony to his accrued years of in-depth knowledge and understanding regarding the dynamics, complexities and application of colour interaction. He has an unwavering patience and persistence regarding all aspects of his work, particularly when capturing the impact of light and colour. This, along with dynamic form and meticulous detail has become his hallmark.

Realism is not his objective; it is a byproduct of his process.

“My paintings can only ever be an approximation of what l perceive, an arrangement of colour relationships that create an illusion of reality on a flat substrate"
198th RSA Annual Exhibition, RSA Gallery, Edinburgh
Exploring Botany, Manggha Museum, Kraków, Poland
Shirley Sherwood Modern Masterpieces of Botanical Art, Shirley Sherwood
Gallery, London
Out of the Woods/Out on a Limb, Foundry Art Centre, St Charles Missouri
Abundance, seeds, pods and autumn fruits, Shirley Sherwood Gallery, London
The Beauty of Botanicals, OA Gallery, Missouri
15th International Exhibition, Hunt Institute, Pittsburgh
Horticultural Society of New York 18th Annual Exhibition
Agua Doce/Fresh Water Exhibition, Museo Centro Gaiás, Santiago de Compostela
Annual Exhibition “Botanical Garden” The Society of Botanical Artists, London
Horticultural Society of New York 17th Annual Exhibition
Strictly Botanical, The Park Gallery, Callendar House, Falkirk, Scotland
Annual Exhibition, “Tha Language of Flowers” The Society of Botanical Artists, London
The Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour, 128th Annual Exhibition
SSA, Annual Exhibition, RSA Gallery, Edinburgh
Cardiocrinum giganteum, seed pod
  • Robert McNeill
  • Cardiocrinum giganteum, seed pod
  • Watercolour
Banksia speciosa
  • Robert McNeill
  • Banksia speciosa
  • Watercolour
Protea magnifica
  • Robert McNeill
  • Protea magnifica
  • Watercolour
Rodgersia podophylla
  • Robert McNeill
  • Rodgersia podophylla
  • Watercolour