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Richard Goldsworthy

Richard Goldsworthy
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​My practice is centred on transforming and combining different materials, developing new processes to create intriguing sculptural forms and drawings. Currently my work focuses on wood and pewter. Although a lengthy process, sourcing green wood is a vital part of making, tracing its provenance and influencing how the wood reacts during its drying process. Then by carving, sanding and burning, I add strident contrasts to expose, highlight and celebrate its natural features and so-called imperfections. It is a delicate balance between my input and allowing the materials to find their own voice, to make their own mark.
Feb 2023 Contempory The Scottish Gallery, Edinbrugh
Jan 2023 Into the Distance Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh
Jun 2022 Second Nature WASPS Patriothall Gallery, Edinburgh
May 2022 Inception II Art Exhibition Dalkeith Palace, Edinburgh
April 2022 196th Annual Exhibition Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh
Mar 2022 Stand 61 Borders Art Fair, Kelso Scotland
Feb 2022 Marchmont Artists Patriothall Gallery, Edinburgh
Dec 2021 Highlight Patriothall Gallery, Edinburgh (solo show)
Apr 2021 In The Grain The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh
Apr 2021 195th Annual Exhibition Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh
Mar 2021 Latitudes Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh
July 2020 Wood, Metal & Fire The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh (solo show)
Nov 2019 Graduate in Focus Edinburgh Art Fair 2019, Edinburgh Corn Exchange
Nov 2019 Zeitgeist 108 Fine Art, Harrogate
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Earth Dot II
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