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Paul Wetherell

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My work draws influences from Film, Rock & Hip-Hop Music Culture, Iconic female Artists. I make play to the sense of order that occurs in nature, as a way of questioning attitudes and behaviours attached towards environment. Applying a tactile, spontaneous approach captures a segment of nature scene and its performance 'Diorama as a horror still’. Heighten the flaws, expose marking out & present mistakes as blessings, is the catalyst to the integrity of my work. A personalisation of arrangements to nature, a juxtaposition of calm & tension in design, as if creating memory. presents the strength & fragile essence of physically formed objects, in dream like quality relating to the way of Tarot.
In developing my working practice from study of Graphic Design, i initiated a practical career as a Set designer, later specifying into Furniture and Cabinet making in Berkshire, completing my apprenticeship in 99’. I tutored arts and crafts before moving to Scotland, completed my degree in Drawing & Painting at Edinburgh College of Art in 2006. Through out this period, i continued practice in commissions whilst living in Bristol. 2010 i Moved to the Scottish Border's and from small cottage on the edge of the forest created 'The Procrastinating Fish', merging 3 passions and discipline’s of Design, Art & Woodwork forming narrative of The Hive 3B collection.

Doc Space 2017 The Way of Tarot.

'Grimes Box's' O2 - Glasgow

'Deer Hoof Box' - Doune the Rabbit Hole, Doune, Sterling
'War Paint Jewellery' - O2 ABC Glasgow

'Josephine Foster Box' - Doune the Rabbit Hole Festival, Doune, Sterling

'The curse' Photographic portrait - Hidden Art Festival. Peebles East Gate Theatre, Scottish Borders

'To an arm enable', Chaise Lounge - Whities Books and Crafts, Peebles, Scottish Borders

'The Curse/frame' Photographic portrait - Elm Bank Print Shop. Peebles, Scottish Borders

Wasp Woodworks 2B, Furniture Exhibition - Dove Cote Industrial Estate. Peebles, Scottish Borders

Group Exhibition The National Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh

Group Exhibition Roxy Gallery, Edinburgh
The Magician
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