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Patricia Voinescu

Patricia Voinescu
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I am a British Romanian artist living in Scotland. I graduated from the Art and Design Faculty of West University in Timisoara, my hometown in Romania in 2022. Then, in 2023, I moved back to Scotland and started my art practice.

I find inspiration in my daily life and my memories. I paint quick ink and watercolour sketches during my walks and digitally manipulate photographs to create superimposed landscapes. For my studio paintings, I work mainly with acrylic and oil paints, building layers of transparency and texture to create nostalgic landscapes of places I have visited in the past.

My art is about appreciating the fleeting beauty of the moment while exploring colours found in nature and in my memories.
2022 BA in Fine Art - Painting from Art and Design Faculty, West University, Timisoara, Romania


‘Summer Exhibition’, Firefly Gallery, Bo’ness, Scotland, June 2023

‘Postcard Exhibition’, Line Gallery, Linlithgow, Scotland, November 2023

‘Winter Exhibition’, Firefly Gallery, Bo’ness, Scotland, December 2023


‘Painting, Illustration, Sculpture’, Bastion Theresia Centre, Timisoara, Romania, February 2022

‘Being Now’, Attic Gallery, Timisoara, Romania, May 2022

‘Escaping the Labyrinth’, Attic Gallery, Timisoara, Romania, May 2022

‘Graduation Exhibition’, Calpe Gallery, Timisoara, Romania, July 2022

‘Fat Frumos din laptisor de Matca’, my first illustrated book by Valentina Ghinea, October 2022
Winter Hydrangea
  • Patricia Voinescu
  • Winter Hydrangea
  • Watercolour
Yellow House
  • Patricia Voinescu
  • Yellow House
  • Oil
The Key
  • Patricia Voinescu
  • The Key
  • Oil