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Oscar Mateos

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I am an artist who seeks to explore different branches of artisticexpression, but always with one foot in the social discussion. I departfrom painting and drawing, which are my background, and from there Iwould like to think that I build visual allegories, metaphors that leavequestions in the air. My intention is to generate questions that can findan answer in each person, a question with many answers.
In my practice I try not to discard any technique or form of expression,I believe that in art everything can be valid, if what is being told hasa certain value. Traditional sculpture, video, installation, or any otherform of expression has a place in my work. Individually, if it is in myhands, or in a collaborative way. I have the firm conviction that also in art, in common we add up to more.
One of the latest dilemmas that have taken over my work are themigratory processes. Over the last four years this has become central tomy work. I have dedicated myself to exploring the complex and oftenhidden realities faced by migrants and refugees around the globe.Without trying to be the voice of others, without trying to usurp thosewho express themselves in the first person, I want to bring to the table
a discussion that concerns the whole of society and people's fundamentalrights. Ultimately, I believe that art can play a crucial role in how weunderstand and respond to the complex political issues of our time.

Edinburgh College of Arts:
Painting (Hons) Degree, 2021
Master of Arts, Contemporary Art Practice, 2023

Latest Exhibitions
Alt+D, "Tender Foot", April 2022
ECA, "Masters Collective", November 2022
Embassy Gallery, "Masters", November 2022
Sett Studios, "Feeling is Mutual", February 2023
ECA, "Occult Ruptures...", March 2023
Embassy Gallery, "MA Contemporary Art Practice", March 2023
ECA, "Graduate Show", August 2023
Breathe I
  • Oscar Mateos
  • Breathe I
  • Oil
Breathe II
  • Oscar Mateos
  • Breathe II
  • Oil
  • Oscar Mateos
  • Maternity
  • Mixed Media
  • Oscar Mateos
  • Arrival
  • Acrylic
Isle of Dead
  • Oscar Mateos
  • Isle of Dead
  • Video
  • Oscar Mateos
  • Night
  • Oscar Mateos
  • Oil
In and Out
  • Oscar Mateos
  • In and Out
  • Video