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Niall Campbell Strachan

Niall Campbell Strachan
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I work out of my studio in the Scottish Highlands and would describe myself as a contemporary visual artist. Maybe 'painter' is more accurate and sits better with whom i admire in art history and amongst my peers. My practice involves a lot of high energy mark making,improvisation and occasional swearing. I think a lot about our connection to nature (and each other) and this permeates the work. I don't see myself as a typical Highland artist. And i don't think anyone else does up here! The Lone Wolf label does appeal to me i have to say. I want to keep the energy up during 2021 and keep making better things. I am also hoping to explore sculpture and see how this affects my artistic practice.

2019 Dec 22- Jan 30th 2020
Royal Scottish Academy,Edinburgh
SSA/VAS Annual Show

2019 July 4th - August 4th
Transmission Gallery Summer Show (Glasgow)

2018 Dec 23rd-Jan17th 2019
Royal ScottishAcademy,Edinburgh
Society of Scottish Artists annual show

2018- July 4th - 27th
Group show at University of Highlands and Islands Inverness Campus

2018 - Mar 2nd to March 25th//
Queens Park Railway Club, Glasgow, Group Show curated by Ross Sinclair,
Artists who make music/Musicians who make art.Group show at Queens Park Railway Club,Featuring Martin Creed,David Shrigley, Bob and Roberta Smith.

2017- June 7th - 10th //
Inverness Museum & Gallery//Lonely Arts Club Group Exhibition
Doomsday Lullaby
  • Niall Campbell Strachan
  • Doomsday Lullaby
  • Mixed Media
Jeff Koons is taking care of business
  • Niall Campbell Strachan
  • Jeff Koons is taking care of business
  • Acrylic
We have a winner
  • Niall Campbell Strachan
  • We have a winner
  • Mixed Media
Nature Assemble
  • Niall Campbell Strachan
  • Nature Assemble
  • Mixed Media
  • Niall Campbell Strachan
  • Hancock
  • Mixed Media
  • Niall Campbell Strachan
  • Gato
  • Mixed Media
3 Wheeler
  • Niall Campbell Strachan
  • 3 Wheeler
  • Mixed Media
American Dreaming
  • Niall Campbell Strachan
  • American Dreaming
  • Mixed Media