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Morag Edward

Morag Edward
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Water. In it, on it, under it, though it, through me. Observing and exploring our relationship with the coastal and marine environment.
Artist in residence, West Port Book Festival
Artist in residence, Bunsgoil Crois na Cìse
'Yurt Doodler', EIBF (Alasdair Gray, my mentor).
'Filter Feeders' Meadows sound installation, Embassy Gallery
Syn Hellenic Festival exhibition
Year of the Ram, New Year festival exhibition
Oxfam Equality exhibition, Cowgate
'Tricolour', National Library of Scotland
ECA New Prints, Dundas Street Gallery
The White Space postcards, Gayfield Square
'Sea Icons of Bute', Salon Venn
Sea Squirrel Studio open house and exhibition
Solo exhibition of prints, Royal Forth Yacht Club, Edinburgh
Solo exhibition of prints, Henry's Bay House, Stranraer
Solo exhibition of paintings, Miro's, Art Walk Porty
Group exhibition, Summerhall
Artist in residence, sailing yacht, Aegean Sea
Artist in residence, sailing yacht, Gibraltar to Africa
Postcards from... exhibition
The Forth Rivers Trust commission
Hulabhaig Gallery, Isle of Lewis
Sea Artist in Residence, Irish Sea and West Coast Scotland
Birds & Boats & Buoys exhibition of sea sketchbooks
Group exhibition Summerhall
SSA winter exhibition, RSA
Scottish Portrait Awards exhibition
Gorgie Art commission, White Park
Scottish National Heritage commission
Scottish Ornithological Club commission, Waterston House
Edinburgh Shoreline Forthline Project, Botanics
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  • Morag Edward
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