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Molly Kent

Molly Kent
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Molly Kent's practice is concerned with representing personal doubt in the digital age, through the traditional medium of rug tufting. Drawing on contemporary existence with reference to social media and living in an internet driven environment through the visual aesthetics of digital glitch. Along with toxic acidic colours, unnerving phrases and organic shapes, the work intends to overwhelm the senses and mirror the feeling of doubt. Rugs that we’d normally see as rigid, flat shapes on the floor begin to morph and climb walls, resembling bacteria and virus structures, as if mutating before us. Playing on the idea that doubt can be perceived as a disease that plagues us and, overtime, shifts and morphs into something new continuing its hold over us.

Contact: mollyhkent@gmail.com
Instagram: @mollyhkent
Fine Art MA (Hons) - Edinburgh College of Art - 2015-2020
Foundation Diploma in Art & Design - Cadbury College -2014-2015
Paintbox Yarn and Lovecrafts sponsorship - 2020
Barns Graham Travel to Italy Award 2019
ECA//10Design - 132 Princes Street, Edinburgh - February 2020
MAFAf*ckers - Edinburgh College of Art - February 2020
Buffering - Edinburgh College of Art - February 2020
Word of Mouth - GRAU PROJEKT, Melbourne Australia - September/October 2019
Fine And Dandy - Edinburgh Central Library, Art & Design department - August 2019
Word of Mouth - Secret location, Venice Biennale - May 2019
SETTLE DOON - Bonnyrigg Settlement Project - March 2019
Reject, Respond, Repurpose - Leith Settlement Projects - August 2017
ESAF presents: Platform - The Biscuit Factory Edinburgh - February 2017
Doubt Consumed Us
  • Molly Kent
  • Doubt Consumed Us
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Suspicion Evokes Doubt
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  • Suspicion Evokes Doubt
  • Tapestry
Society Reproduces Doubt
  • Molly Kent
  • Society Reproduces Doubt
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Doubt Mutates and Spreads
  • Molly Kent
  • Doubt Mutates and Spreads
Doubt Continues to Evolve
  • Molly Kent
  • Doubt Continues to Evolve
Doubt Mutates
  • Molly Kent
  • Doubt Mutates