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Martha Orbach

Martha Orbach
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My practice is about image making and stories. I have an ongoing interest in narrative and often work in forms such as books, animation or print series. I am interested in affect and the interaction between light and matter, fact and fiction, and have found that drawing, darkroom techniques, and printmaking are well suited to exploring these themes.

My work is process led and I often work with chance, accident, and techniques I can not completely control. Layering, landscape and character are reoccurring aspects. My work often has a naïve element juxtaposed against chaos. I’m interested in how we comprehend our worlds and the relationship between our brains and our sense of ourselves.
This has supported the socially engaged aspects of my practice and led me to work in health and community contexts including Bethlem Royal Hospital and the National Hospital for Neurology and Neuroscience.

Collaboration has become an increasingly important strand of my practice and I have worked with a wide range of people and groups to create work. I enjoy interdisciplinary collaboration, working with musicians, theatre makes, writers. Working with text and image provides a balance between ambiguity and communication that I am comfortable with, and draws on my training in creative writing, art and design.

The notion of home is something my migrant self incessantly returns to, often in conjunction with my interest in landscape, and the ways memories or histories are stored in a place.

2018 - White Out - WIP animation and print project, Arts Council, Ugly Duck, Lumen Crypt Gallery. 1000 Songs - new opera, Pinch Punch, Grimeborn, Arcola Theatre.

2017 - Plastic brains, commission, University of Liverpool. Social Isolation, collaborative animation, Key Changes.

2016 - The Garden, Printmaking Commisson, Open Society Foundation. Neuron trees, Literary Tent, Wilderness Festival
2015 - Illustrations: Kings College, Future Learn, Open University

2014 - House of Paper and String, Deptford X: The Old Police Station, London. this skin we’re in, The Bethlem Gallery, London.

2013 - It’s all fine lines, SGDP Centre, Institute of Psychiatry, London. We go to Sea with You, artist book project, online, bookarts bookshop, London.

2015 - Corto Di Imola, Short Film Festival, Ravenna, Italy, Animation Block Party, New York, Melbourne International Animation Festival, In Motion, Artist’s Film, Stiwdio Maelor, Short film programme, Deptford X

2017 Valerie Finnis Award, Merlin Trust
2016 David Canter Memorial Trust award for Printmaking
2015 Highly Commended, In Motion, Artists Film, Stiwdio Maelor, Machyntheth 2015
2014 Fringe Award: Deptford X
2013 Grants for the Arts: this skin we're in, The Maudsley Charity grant.
2012 The Wellbeing Fund project award
2011 Inspired By... Word and Image prize, The Victoria & Albert Museum,

2017- Creekside Open, Selected by Jordan Baseman, Deptford, London
2016- Salon/16, Photofusion, London
2011 - Inspired By ... The Victoria and Albert Museum,

The National Gallery, TATE, Room to Heal (refugees & asylum seekers), Culpeper Community Garden (children’s arts, mental health and learning difficulties), The Studio: Bethlem Royal Hospital, Rethink Mental Illness, GROW London, Key Changes, (mental health), Open Society Foundation, London.
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