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lisa cochrane

lisa cochrane
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Meet Lisa Cochrane, a creative soul with a background in costume design who has found her true passion in acrylic landscape art. Her paintings are a celebration of childhood wonder and the magic of fairy tales, transporting viewers to enchanting realms where imagination knows no bounds.

When Lisa isn't lost in her world of art, you can find her donning one of her many pairs of cowboy boots, adding a touch of whimsy to her everyday adventures. She shares her love for creativity by teaching engaging art workshops for both adults and children, where she encourages others to unleash their inner artist and explore the joy of self-expression.

In her downtime, Lisa trades her paintbrush for dance shoes, hitting the dance floor for some lively line dancing sessions. With each step, she infuses her artistry and passion for life, leaving a trail of inspiration wherever she goes. Join Lisa on her artistic journey and let her vibrant spirit ignite your own creativity!
May - June 2024
Solo Exhibition "Campsie Enchanted" At CreateED

2020 - Partner in CreateED – Gallery and Gift shop
Current Kirkintilloch high street.

2019 - Elm & Bee. Artist and Fairy maker

Sept 18 - TinyTalk teacher. Franchise owner.
Sept 2023 Baby Signing Class.

Feb 06 – Managing Director/Designer. Dragonfly Dress
October 2018 Design. Designing and making Bridal wear,
Evening Wear, Designer Dress making,
Clothing Alterations, Costume Design.
Running and managing a business.

As Owner and Designer at Dragonfly, I built my own brand and company from my spare
Tree of Knowledge
  • lisa cochrane
  • Tree of Knowledge
  • Acrylic
Green Tranquility
  • lisa cochrane
  • Green Tranquility
  • Acrylic
Pucks Hut
  • lisa cochrane
  • Pucks Hut
  • Acrylic
Secret Waterfall
  • lisa cochrane
  • Secret Waterfall
Enchanted Walk - Milton of Campsie
  • lisa cochrane
  • Enchanted Walk - Milton of Campsie
  • lisa cochrane
  • Glimmers