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Libby Sipe

Libby Sipe
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Through medium experimentation and play, I turn inwards to explore residual trauma from poverty, early childhood abuse, sexual assault, and the shame and self-resentment that come from those memories. Primarily focused in paint and sculpture, I create a colorful and whimsical world filled with 3d abstract representations of flora and fauna combined with traditional painting methods and the human figure. Made from thick acrylic modeling Polymer emulsion extruded from piping bags or sheets of dried acrylic binder draped over an armature or canvas, I layer, build, and paint pieces that speak to me.
I listen for the whispers from my work on long walks through the woods, picking up on the minor storylines unfolding within the undergrowth that inspire me as I ramble through the turf beneath the trees of the Maine woods or walk along a river in Cumbria watching sheep fluff stuck to barbed wire blowing in the breeze. These moments of quiet reflection and contemplation are the sparks that ignite my inspiration.
My spirituality has been essential to my work as I have evolved my practice. Like spell-making, I collect bits and pieces that call to me. These items become sacred, representing something more significant than what they are naturally. Combining my methods with my spirituality has led to work that is both beautiful and healing, allowing me to push past and even embrace parts of myself that I neglected for far too long.

June 2024 Lights Out Gallery Exhibition at Wolf and Harp, Norway, ME

June 15 2024 Group Exhibition. 9th Benefits Exhibition, Brigette Mayer Gallery, Philadelphia
2024 -3 Woman Exhibition with Sally Stanton, Emily Sabino and Libby Sipe. You Are Never Alone. Waterfall Arts, Belfast, ME.

2023 Group Commission Public Art Commission,
Here Is Magic, large painting (4x5 ft), acrylic on wood panel, Waterfall Arts,
Belfast, ME

2023 Group Exhibition Lights Out Gallery, Norway ME.

2023 Group Exhibition UMVA Spring Members Exhibit, UMVA Gallery, Portland, ME

2023 Group Exhibition Midcoast UMVA Juried Exhibition, Waterfall Arts, Belfast, ME.
(Curated by David Estey, a member of the UMVA Board of Directors and art
instructor at Waterfall Arts.)

2022 Group Exhibition Nightmares, Munka Studio Gallery, Lewiston, ME

2022 Group Exhibition Faces & Places, Dodomu Gallery, NYC (Online Exhibition)

2022 Group Exhibition Annual Joy of Art, Crooker Gallery, Topsham, ME. (Third
Place Award Painting Category)

2021 Group Exhibition Canvas Project Tebbs Contemporary Art Gallery, London, UK

2021 Solo Exhibition Kimball Street Studio, Lewiston, ME.

2021 Group Exhibition When Words Fail, Visionary Art Collective (Online Gallery)
(Curated by Grace Lang, Artist and Educator)

2021 Group Exhibition ART2021 26th Annual Jury Exhibition, Harlow Gallery,
Harpswell, ME. (Juried by Barbara Sullivan, painter, sculptor, installation artist,
and educator)

2021 Solo Exhibition Crooker Gallery, Topsham, ME

2020 Group Exhibition Annual Joy of Art, Crooker Gallery, Topsham ME. (First Place
Award Multi Medium Category)
  • Libby Sipe
  • Cougar
  • Acrylic
I Faked It
  • Libby Sipe
  • I Faked It
  • Acrylic
Lousy Chameleon
  • Libby Sipe
  • Lousy Chameleon
  • Acrylic
  • Libby Sipe
  • Lavinia
  • Mixed Media
  • Libby Sipe
  • Lost
  • Mixed Media
  • Libby Sipe
  • Birk
Untitled Disruption
  • Libby Sipe
  • Untitled Disruption
  • Mixed Media
  • Libby Sipe
  • Hush
  • Mixed Media