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Leah Davis

Leah Davis
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I am a figurative and portrait painter referencing several styles, including pop, surrealism, and expressionism. I use a mixed media approach of oil, acrylic and occasionally pencil and collage.

I investigate my existence and the ‘Self’, to challenge perceptions of what makes us different but also similar. I create pieces that inspire others to disrupt the taboo of revealing who we are behind our persona, and to embrace our shadow characteristics. We have such a fear of judgement from others over our differences when we are all fundamentally the same.

Honest and direct images from my conscious and unconscious build narratives that blur the lines of real-life and imagination. I use methods such as active imagination and dream analysis to allow visions from my psyche a way to manifest. The juxtaposition of these raw concepts with pop colours is a metaphor for empowerment, and a personal approach to accepting and revealing my deepest, and in times darkest, emotions. I relish in turning the bleak and mundane into something as positive and beautiful as art.

My practice is significantly inspired by the theories of Psychoanalyst, Carl Jung, and his notions on human behaviour. As it is for many others, art for me is a form of therapy, a way to unpack and explore who I am, and a welcomed distraction from reality. I have felt out of place through life, not knowing my honest self underneath all the characteristics I have felt the need to socially repress. Psychoanalysis and art have granted
2020/21: MA Fine Art - Gray's School of Art, Aberdeen

2016/20: Contemporary Art and Contextualised practice - UHI, Inverness
First Class Honours

Solo Exhibitions:

1st- 30th April ’21
Artist of the Month, Society of Caithness Artists, Online

30th Sep - 1st Nov ‘19
You’re so Weird, Upstairs Gallery, Inverness, Scotland

Group Exhibitions:

2nd July '21 - ongoing
Moray Art Centre, Findhorn, Scotland

1st – 31st July ‘21
Annual Exhibition 2021, Society of Caithness Artists, Online

Jan '21 - Permanent display
Asher's Bakery, Inverness, Scotland

19th Dec ’20
Everything’s Illuminated – 4 yr. Anniversary Group Show,
KEEP Contemporary, Santa Fe, New Mexico

1st – 31st Dec ‘20
The Reaching Out Exhibition, Society of Caithness Artists, Online

12th Nov ’20 – Jan ‘21
2020 Christmas Show, SixFoot Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland

1st – 30th Nov ‘20
November Gallery, The Student Gallery, Online

21st Aug '20
Gallery Portfolio - Group Show, KEEP Contemporary, Santa Fe, New Mexico

1st – 31st July ‘20
Society of Caithness Artists 2020 Showcase, Online

13th - 27th April ‘20
The Covid Creative Convention, Online

21st Feb – 15th Mar ‘20
The New Vanguard: Explorations into the New Contemporary,
KEEP Contemporary,
Santa Fe, New Mexico

16th - 24th May 19
Context – Dickson’s, Inverness, Scotland

5th May ’19
Outsider Art Fest- Mad Hatter’s, Inverness, Scotland

3rd Nov ‘18
Outsider Art Fest – Mad Hatter’s, Inverness, Scotland

5th - 26th July ‘18
Lonely Arts Club – Long Gallery, Inverness, Scotland

04th - 18th June ‘18
RAW – Long Gallery, Inverness, Scotland
Total Downer
  • Leah Davis
  • Total Downer
  • Painting
  • Leah Davis
  • Animus
  • Painting
  • Leah Davis
  • Untitled
  • Drawing
Did You Laugh When I Played The Clown?
  • Leah Davis
  • Did You Laugh When I Played The Clown?
  • Painting
I Was Only Looking For A Friend
  • Leah Davis
  • I Was Only Looking For A Friend
  • Mixed Media
  • Leah Davis
  • Fool?
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What A Waster
  • Leah Davis
  • What A Waster
  • Mixed Media
Lovely Disaster
  • Leah Davis
  • Lovely Disaster
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