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Kirsty Kelly

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I recently graduated from Edinburgh College of Art with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours, Painting.

My practice is centered around exploring ideas of solitude and the feelings that may arise from a person being completely alone in their surroundings. My immediate environment informs the art I make and I draw inspiration from things that could be passed by; drawing attention to details that may be overlooked or unnoticed by a casual observer. I am interested in the quiet beauty of these everyday objects and places, which I convey through my work.

Using photography, film and painting I am able to explore these themes in a variety of ways; my pieces relate to each other through a certain colour palette and tone which evoke a dreamlike quality. I am interested in the materiality and physicality of my mediums and work through connecting fragments into a poetic narrative. Each artwork is the representation of a moment I have once experienced but has now passed; the moment that no longer exists, a trace of something indefinable, a memory.

The landscape is a reoccurring theme within my practice, I attempt to capture how one feels in the vast grandeur of these open spaces. I have explored this first-hand by camping alone in a remote area of Scotland and my work has been greatly informed by this experience and from the accounts of individuals who have removed themselves from the company of others.

Email: kirstyk3lly@hotmail.com

2015 - 2018 University of Edinburgh
BA (Hons) Painting (First Class)

2014 - 2015 Newcastle College
Foundation Diploma in Art and Design

2012 – 2014 Newcastle College
Extended Diploma in Art and Design


Visual Arts Scotland Graduate Showcase, Shortlisted Artist, June 2018

Selected Artist, Royal Drawing School Dumfries House Residency, February 8 - 22 2019

Foundation Diploma Art and Design, Student Award 2014/2015


ECA Degree Show. June 2018 - Edinburgh College of Art

BuildUp, Gallery 23, Edinburgh, December 2018

Running Up That Hill, St Margaret’s House, Edinburgh, April 2017
'No Time' 35mm
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  • 'No Time' 35mm
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  • Kirsty Kelly
  • 'Plant'
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35 mm (Barcelona)
  • Kirsty Kelly
  • 35 mm (Barcelona)
  • Photography
ECA Degree Show, Installation
  • Kirsty Kelly
  • ECA Degree Show, Installation
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  • Kirsty Kelly
  • Untitled
  • Photography
Handmade book
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Sketch book
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