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Kenneth Le Riche

Kenneth Le Riche
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Kenneth’s work has always shown an interest in depicting the experience of making a drawing or a painting of a subject from observation. In a sense this becomes a representation of the relationship built up between the motif, the materials used and himself. More recently however, Kenneth has introduced a second strand to his work where socially constructed forms in imaginary spaces are used. He is interested in the Western artifice of perspective and describing space and the arbitrariness of symbols. There is a concern with the relationship between the abstract surface and the illusion, and a feeling of conflict or tension created. A sense of latency where the process of something almost having been given form but not yet actually quite complete, is intrinsic to the work: a vulnerability where a thing's existence could still be taken away from it.
After completing the Foundation Course at Leith School of Art, Kenneth studied Drawing, Painting and Printmaking at Edinburgh College of Art. He then went on to do a MFA at the New York Academy of Art where he graduated with distinction. Kenneth has taught at the Leith School of Art, Edinburgh College of Art, Amagansett Applied Arts, New York State, and The East Harlem School, New York City. He is currently on the Moray Art Centre Board of Directors.
Kenneth has exhibited in Edinburgh, New York, Barcelona, Amman and Jerusalem. Kenneth has also been artist-in-residence at Leith School of Art in Edinburgh, Amangansett Applied Arts in New York, Odd Nerdrum’s Studios in Norway and the Mohtaraf Remal For Arts, Jordan.