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Kate Steenhauer

Kate Steenhauer
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I am a visual artist and filmmaker based in the Northeast of Scotland. I was born and raised in The Netherlands, where I played competitive tennis in my youth. I came to Scotland to do a PhD in Coastal Engineering. I have always been passionate about drawing and after my degree I received private tuition from several well-established artists.

My focus on process as practice is towards transparency in the act of collaborative creation, and on elevating real-life stories that hold vulnerabilities and celebrate defiant resistance.

My practice looks to move the traditionally static experience of visual art into a dynamic and interactive artform that is temporal, transient, and transformational. I work collaboratively with dance, opera, music, sound,  multi-voiced verbatim and Artificial Intelligence. These multi-disciplinary productions can be viewed through the mediums of theatre, film, (live) audio-visual installation and artwork; and offer a unique multifaceted experience.

In parallel I have a large portfolio capturing contemporary life at some of Scotland’s most iconic industries using printmaking and oil painting. I have had behind-the-scenes access at Speyside Cooperage, stood on helicopters in gigantic hangars at Aberdeen Heliport, captured life at the shipyards of Aberdeen, Knockando Woolmill and livestock auctions at Thainstone Mart.
Awards, Residencies & Public Collections
2021 Connected Innovators’ Creative Edinburgh and Creative Informatics Award, Painting Music
2021 Aberdeen City Council Creative Funding Award, In the bell with Composer Maria Sappho
2021 Make Do & Mend Residency, Stellar Quines and Bijli Productions, with Composer Maria Sappho
2020, 2017, 2012 Aberdeen City Visual Artist Award
2019 Aberdeen City Council Creative Funding Award, Painting Music (Film) with AI Specialist Dr. Starkey
2019 Creative Scotland, Open Project Funding, Painting Music (Live show) with AI Specialist Dr. Starkey
2019 Just Start Here, National Theatre of Scotland, The Shelter, Writer Shane Strachan & Composer Ross Whyte
2018 Haddo House Installation Arts Prize, Aberdeen Artists’ Society, The Shelter, Writer Shane Strachan
2018 Creative Scotland, Open Project Funding, Hedda, Choreographer Imogene Newland & Sound artist Jun Kim
2018 Aberdeen Performing Arts, Freshly Squeezed Productions, Collaboration with Creative Writer Shane Strachan
2017 CityMoves Dancy Residency Programme with Dancer/ Choreographer Imogene Newland
2017 One Day to Play, National Theatre of Scotland
2016 Visiting Guest Artist Full Fellowship, Scuola Internazionale di Grafica, Venice & Murano, Italy
2015 Meffan Museum and Gallery, The Colin Dakers Memorial Purchase Prize
2014 Royal Scottish Academy Latimer Award

Multiple works held in permanent public collections of Aberdeen Maritime Museum and Angus Council

Press, Publications & Artist Interviews
2021 Drawing Research, Theory and Practice Journal, K. Steenhauer. The dynamic and interactive capacity of drawing in dialogue with other artforms, technology and their relationship with its audience
2020 Drawing Research, Theory and Practice Journal, Starkey A., Steenhauer, K., and Caven, J. Painting Music: Using Artificial Intelligence to create music from live painted drawings
2020 In the Bell Online Magazine Publication - Feature 15,