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Karlie Wu

Karlie Wu
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Karlie Wu is an artist based in Glasgow, loosely exploring themes of nostalgia and cultural identity. Wu’s interest in nostalgia primarily stems from the stories, folk tales and reminisces of older relatives – her ‘inherited memory’ – and own interactions with Kat O, a near abandoned island between the north east of Hong Kong and China which her paternal family emigrated from. Additionally, Hong Kong’s inextricable connection to British colonialism coupled with her own Scottish background is connected to her navigation of the term ‘cultural identity’: what it means to be Scottish, Chinese and British Chinese. Experimenting with documentary like photographs, drawings of unassuming interiors and objects, to paintings suggestive of fond memories, Wu continues to observe, probe and presents to us a glimmer of what it might mean to be Scottish, and growing up as a second generation Chinese immigrant.
BA(Hons), Painting and Printmaking, Glasgow School of Art 2013-2017

2019 Little Originals (GROUP EXHIBITION), Dock Street Studios, Dundee
2019 Member's Show 2019: Heavy Duty (GROUP EXHIBITION), Transmission, Glasgow
2019 Here and There with Sebastian Mary Tay and Amanda Adam, curated by Yen Phang, CB42, Singapore
2018 Some Paintings I Did, You Like, Glasgow
2018 INTER(TWINE) (GROUP EXHIBITION), Supernormal, Singapore
2017 From Kat O, With Love, Glasgow School of Art Fine Art Degree Show, Tontine Building
2017 Kat O // 吉澳 , The Art School
2016 Serving Suggestion (GROUP EXHIBITION), The Glue Factory
2015 2 Years Licked (GROUP EXHIBITION), Grace and Clarke Fyfe Gallery
2014 Comfort Zone with Barbara Loisch, The Art School
2014 Life in the Mac (GROUP EXHIBITION), Glasgow School of Art
2014 1st (GROUP EXHIBITION), Glasgow School of Art
Yee Chau I
  • Karlie Wu
  • Yee Chau I
  • Oil
Yee Chau II
  • Karlie Wu
  • Yee Chau II
  • Oil
Yee Chau III
  • Karlie Wu
  • Yee Chau III
  • Oil
Coo coo cachoo
  • Karlie Wu
  • Coo coo cachoo
  • Oil
Tong's Takeaway Interior
  • Karlie Wu
  • Tong's Takeaway Interior
  • Drawing